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All Your Music Needs In One Place. Shop Acoustic Guitars In-Store And Online Today!. Get The Gear You Need Today With Our 0% Financing Options March 24, 2017. Elderly Instruments presents a demonstration of three popular sizes of Martin guitars - the 0, 00, and 000 sizes. Chris Rietz plays a rosewood and a mahogany version of each size guitar, so you can hear the differences between the sizes and the tonal characteristics of different back-and-sides wood www.elderly.comContact us directly: http://elderly.com/PHONES.htmFind us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elderly.instrument Martin Sizes. C.F. Martin Guitar Sizes. These are various sizes in which the Style 28 was produced. 1-28, 0-28, 00-28, 000-28, OM-28, D-28. These are the sizes of guitars common in Martin's first decades. Stauffer Martin, Hudson Street Martin, Size 3, Size 2 1/2, Size 2, and Size 1. Martin Guitar Sizes

Can you tell the difference between 0, 00, and 000 body sizes from Martin? In this video, we compare 3 similar Custom Shop models with Birdseye maple, slotte.. The following guide illustrates the progression of the Martin sizes from the small Concert (0) to the large, iconic Dreadnought. The guide also explains the effect each has on volume, tone and projection. There are many factors that come into play when choosing your perfect guitar, and size is most definitely one of them. Early Martin designs. Martin Size 000. This is also called the Auditorium size by Martin. A variation on this sized guitar is Martin Orchestra Model (OM). It has the same sized body. Originally the OM increased the scale length from 24.9 to 25.4 inches and increased the nut width to 1.75 inches A 00 is smaller than 000 but larger than an 0). Grand Concert (00) An 00 guitar (Martin Sizes), or Grand Concert (Taylor Sizes) - style acoustic guitar is larger than the concert guitar and typically more expensive. These guitars are louder than their concert cousins due to their size

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000-X2E. $599.00. no. 11000X2E-01. 3.2 out of 5 Customer Rating. We took the 000X1AE and reimagined it. The result is the 000-X2E. This Auditorium sized model has a Sitka spruce top and figured mahogany pattern high-pressure laminate (HPL) back and sides. New mother-of-pearl pattern inlay on the rosette and fingerboard lend a richness to the. 1936 Martin Style 18 guitar specs: 0-18, 00-18, 000-18: most with rosewood fingerboard (still some with ebony). Tortoise outer body binding used on some Style 18 models. Body size 000-18 and smaller used tortoise first, with D-18 models getting tortoise outer body binding around 1938 Martin Custom 000-28 Authentic 1937 Aged. Martin. $6,125.00 ON ORDER. Quick View. Martin Custom 000-28 Authentic 1937 Ambertone. Martin Martin Facilities are Temporarily Closed to the Public. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, all Martin Guitar facilities in Pennsylvania remain closed to the public. This includes Factory Tours, the Visitor Center, the Martin Museum, the 1833 Shop, the Martin Repair Shop, and Guitar Makers Connection. READ THE FULL STATEMENT HERE Size (000) - Buy a (000) if: You want quality and balance to write, record, or perform, and you need a little more projection (1). You prefer a size and feel that is smaller and less deep than a dreadnought (1). You need more mid range and a little more bass than a smaller-bodied guitar can provide (1)

Body sizes range from Single 0 (the smallest) to 00 and 000. The Martin OM Orchestra Model is a longer scale length version of the 000 size body. And of course, the most iconic shape of them all, the Dreadnought, a big bold guitar that produces incredible volume and sustain. Martin Guitar Serie It was Martin that built the very first dreadnought guitars in the '30s, which set the standard for the design with models like the D-18, D-28, and later the D-35. Martin also offers 00-, 000- and more recently OM-sized guitars for something on the smaller side. Find your dream used, vintage or new Martin here on Reverb Size 0 is the smallest of what most people consider a normal size guitar. They increase in size from 00, 000, D, M, to J. Martin even makes an acoustic bass guitar now with the prefix B. During the 1930s Martin also made archtop guitars with C, R, and F designations The 000-18 Kenny Sultan is 1/4 but not forward placed. Pickguard: OM. All OMs have the small teardrop pickguard. 000. All currently produced 12 and 14-fret 000s that have a pickguard have the large size (except the Martin Carthy 000-18, which has the teardrop). Body Size (inches): OM and 14-fret 000. Body Length: 19 3/8 Upper Bout: 11 1/

Martin Custom Size 0 15 Style All Mahogany / 1-3/4 nut / Satin Finish #55162. $1,899.00. Add to Cart. Add to Compare This is primarily due to the amount of tension exerted on the guitar top by the strings. In general, the larger the body, the more tension they can withstand. Lighter Exert less tension and are typically recommended for smaller bodied guitars such as 0, 00, 000, and OM, plus all cutaway models; Heavie Martin 00-X2E Sitka Spruce Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Your Price. $599.00. msrp:599.0,lowPrice:599.0. 0. Reviews. Compare. Compare Now site51500000000294178 1500000310606. Open quick view dialog for Martin 00-28 Standard Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Martin 00-X2E Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural. 6-string Left-handed Acoustic-electric with Spruce Top, HPL Back and Sides, Select Hardwood Neck, Select Hardwood Fingerboard and Fishman Electronics - Natural. $599.00. Or $99.83/month for. 6 mo. with Easy Pay i It was Martin that built the very first dreadnought guitars in the '30s, which set the standard for the design with models like the D-18, D-28, and later the D-35. Martin also offers 00-, 000- and more recently OM-sized guitars for something on the smaller side. Find your dream used, vintage or new Martin here on Reverb

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  1. Price: $3899.00. Martin 0-28VS. There's no denying the influence that C.F. Martin & Co had on acoustic guitars, as proof many guitar manufacturers today are either copying their building technique or adding subtle variations. As such, part of the rich history of the company includes vintage parlor style guitars
  2. Both guitars look more or less the same, but the 000 is traditionally short scale (24.9) while the OM is long scale (25.4). So what impact do these different scale lengths have upon each of these sizes? Most guitar players know that the scale length of a stringed instrument is basically the distance between the nut and the saddle
  3. Guitar sizes - The Halfie: Half-size guitar. The half-size guitar, as it's name would suggest, is half the size of a standard guitar! Of all the guitar sizes, this is the most popular with young children who will struggle with an adult-sized guitar. Both electric and acoustic guitars are available in half-size
  4. Well, as you already know, it is not true. The 1/2 size guitar has an overall length of around 33″ - 34″ (83.8 cm - 86.4 cm), which is approximately 5″ to 8″ (12 cm - 20 cm) lesser than a full-size guitar. This means that a 1/2 size guitar is about 19.4% smaller in overall length size than a full-size guitar
  5. July 1, 2021. August 20, 2019 by Marty. The most common acoustic guitar body styles are the dreadnought, jumbo, orchestra, concert, parlor, classical, and flamenco, along with travel guitars and 1/2 and 3/4 models. The dimensions of an acoustic guitar take into account the upper and lower bouts, waist, and depth of their sides which can vary.

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  1. Martin Custom 000 Style 18 12 Fret Adirondack Guitar #2441729. $4,081.00. Starting at 0% APR. | As low as $199 /month with Affirm. Prequalify now
  2. To get an idea of the C.F. Martin Guitar Company's incredible historical pedigree, you have to travel back in time and journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Markneukirchen, Germany before C.F. Martin Sr. was even born. 000-28.89-1.00 Bearclaw Engelmann Spruce Highly Flamed Koa #2386317 $ 5,999.00. Add to Compare . Martin Custom Shop.
  3. The OM and 000 are the same body . The OM always uses the 25.4 scale and 1 3/4 nut on a Martin whereas the 000 has many variations . The 00 is a smaller body than the 000 . The 0 is smaller than the 00 . Next in line , size wise , in the Size 5 Terz which is followed by the Size 4 , Size 3 1/2 , Size 3 et al . Hope this helps
  4. A bit smaller, the 00, or grand concert size is about as large as a classical guitar: Still very much an adult size guitar, this one is often misidentified as a 3/4 size instrument. In fact, a 3/4 size would be a kid's guitar, and would be much smaller. The size 000 and 00 are often preferred by players who like a bright treble response.
  5. The following describes some of the common acoustic guitar body sizes and styles, and shares a little bit about the sound and tone profiles. These profiles do not follow Martins standards to a tee, but do exhibit some of the most commonly used acoustic guitar body sizes and styles used, many having been influenced by the Martin Guitar Company
  6. g Artist neck contour, adjustable truss rod, bone nut.

Martin 0, 00, & 000 Guitar Comparison Elderly

Martin 17 Series 000-17 Auditorium Acoustic Guitar. The 17 Series 000-17 Auditorium Acoustic Guitar is available in an inviting sunburst or sharp black finish. With a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides (with grained ivoroid binding), it features a modified low oval neck with a Performing Artist taper The smaller dimensions of an 0 body mated to a spruce top gives the 0-18 a unique voice—not unlike an 00 or OM, but slightly more concise and less expansive. Given the vogue for 12-fret models and their extra-bassy sounds (as well as the 100-year anniversary), a 12-fret version would have been a logical move on Martin's part The number of sizes was increased in 1854 to include a larger guitar (size 0) and a new smaller guitar (size 5, one of my personal favorites). The product line grew again in 1877 with the introduction of the 00 (larger still than the 0). The 000 was introduced in 1902 In fact, while the Taylor 114 and 214 have nut widths of 1.6875, all other Taylor x14s have a nut width of 1.75. There's also shape. Martin, Taylor, and Gibson shapes can be slightly different even if the lower bout dimension is the same. Other brands like Larivee and Lowden have very different shapes If you want the feel of a cutaway guitar and the tone of a classic Martin, we recommend the wonderful Martin DC-16E. Buy on Amazon. Martin D-15. Best Martin Dreadnought Guitar. The Martin D-15 is a classic that is very reminiscent of the guitars Martin made in the first half of the 20th century

Martin Custom 000-28 Authentic 1937. Martin. $5,210.00. Quick View. Martin Custom 000-28 Authentic 1937 Aged Ambertone. Martin. $6,125.00 ON ORDER. Quick View. Martin Custom 000-28 Authentic 1937 Aged $ 3,199.00 SKU: 33394 Categories: Guitars , New Martins This renewed version of the 000-28 has the comfort of a 000 body and the big sound of a rosewood style 28 Martin's smaller 00 and 000-sized guitars are more likely to be found in the clutches of fingerstyle folks than its mighty Dreads for the same reason. Having stated the above, the typical Taylor has a slight edge over the typical Martin for fingerpicking, at least to most people Add to cart. PDF Baritone Acoustic Guitar Plan Martin Style. $ 29.95. Add to cart. CAD 000 Martin 14 Fret Body Style Acoustic Guitar Plan. $ 97.00. Add to cart. CAD Size 0 Martin 12 Fret Body Style Acoustic Guitar Plan. $ 97.00 Martin Guitar X Series 000-X2E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Sitka Spruce and Mahogany Pattern High-Pressure Laminate, 000-14 Fret, Performing Artist Neck Shape 4.0 out of 5 stars 18 $599.00 $ 599 . 00

Martin. 0-18 Acoustic Guitar - Natural. 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Hardwood Neck, and Ebony Fretboard - Natural. Rated 5/5 5 reviews Write your review Item ID: 018Natural. $ 2,499 .00 1920 Martin 0-42 Through the years, Martin's dreadnought, OM, and 000 guitars may have gained the most notoriety. But for the sweetest and best-quality sound, Martin itself recommends the size 0, exemplified by this 0-42. There's obviously a catch to that statement, since only two of Martin's current offering of over 200 models are size-0 guitars

C.F. Martin & Co.® has been creating the finest instruments in the world for over 180 years. It continues to innovate, introducing techniques and features that have become industry standards, including X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar and the Dreadnought size. One of the world's leading acoustic instrument makers, Martin guitars are hand-made. 1927 Martin 000-18 Guitar. Long-scale, 000 sized 12-fret Martins from the late 20's are among the most sought-after prewar instruments. This was the biggest, loudest Martin made for steel strings in this era, with a 25.4 inch scale length, the same scale length as a 30's D-45 About Martin Guitars. There are many shapes and sizes of Martin guitars. Each delivers a unique blend of tone characteristics, yet all feature the unmistakable sound of a Martin acoustic guitar. From smallest to largest, they are 0, 00, 000, also known as the nought, double-nought and triple-nought Okay, the Martin 000 didn't become a steel-string until the 1920s, but that body style was around for decades before. Sure, the dreadnought wasn't an official member of the Martin catalogue until 1931. It did, however, first see the light of day in 1916 when Martin produced it as a special order for the Oliver Ditson Company

Martin. For over a century and a half, the Martin Guitar Company has been producing acoustic instruments that are known to be the finest in the world. The Martin Guitar Company has, through the years, continued operation under family management, which is a remarkable feat. It reflects six generations of dedication to the guitar maker's craft Martin Custom Shop 00 Size 18 Style Acoustic Guitar w/VTS Spruce Top and Pommele. $4,699.99. Free shipping Larger sizes like the 000 are modified to accommodate 14 frets instead of the standard 12. Models with these Martin guitar serial numbers are often bigger and feature a warmer bass tone to accompany vocals. 1930 - 1939: #40844 - #74061. Martin guitar serial numbers first appeared onto the neck block in 1930 Some 000 size guitars sound louder and have more bass than some drednaughts. A lot of other factors go into the sound of a guitar. How it is braced, scale length, how thin the board is in the periphery, bridge size and weight. Just play a lot of 000 guitars until you find one that has a lot of thump on the bass strings. they're out there

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1942 Martin 00-18 Hi Robert: Finally made it home around 1:00 a.m., double o in tow. What a great guitar! I will enjoy getting to know it better. It was a pleasure meeting you, wish you well in your endeavors. 1943 Martin 000-18 Hi Robert, Regarding the '43 000 Martin are one of the oldest acoustic guitar manufacturers in existence and have well over a hundred years of experience. They invented some of the acoustic standard appointments, such as X bracing and the dreadnought body shape. They use incredibly high-quality quarter sawn woods, hardware and use hide glue to assemble their guitars

Little Martin LX1R Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag, Sitka Spruce and Rosewood Pattern HPL Construction, Modified 0-14 Fret, Modified Low Oval Neck Shape 4.5 out of 5 stars 25 $399.00 $ 399 . 00 Martin '000' Style Guitar Case. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, Martin 12C350 Hardshell Hard Shell Protective 00 Size Acoustic Guitar Case. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings Martin 14-Fret 0 Size 12 and 14-Fret Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case Black/Green. $249.00 Or, if you're a gigging pro looking for an ultra-high-end instrument, try the Martin Standard Series D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar on for size. There's a lot more to Martin than just their traditional instruments, too. Some of the acoustic guitars in this section are purpose-built or just plain unique The scalloped brace top is a reissue of the bracing style Martin used before the introduction of the heavier straight braces near the end of World War II: Viewed from an angle, the scalloped areas are clearly visible below the intersection of the two main cross braces: That's why you can't see the difference by simply looking into the.

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  1. Martin 000 Road Series (000RSGT) Acoustic/Electric Guitar $900 Guitar Pedals $0 (Nashville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $520. favorite this post Aug 4 New Old Sigma Guitar New Martin 00-18 $2,300 (Nashville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $700
  2. The 00-15M model continues the Martin tradition with a 00-14 fret body size, solid mahogany construction and a rich satin finish. Satisfy your desire with an affordable solid wood guitar that is visually distinctive and innovative. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65Warnings.ca.gov . Specs +. - Model: 00-15M
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The V in the guitar's model name is for vintage, of course, and while this guitar doesn't have the über-retro features of Martin's Authentic line (such as hide-glue construction and a non-adjustable neck) the 0-28VS does have a lovely old-style pyramid bridge.What looks like a by-the-book glued-in saddle, however, is actually a drop-in, an improvement that allows for easy. wheel size 10 in 12 in 14 in 16 in 18 in Martin 0-18 1970 Guitar $3,500 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 2020 Martin & Co. 000-17 $1,200 (flg > Flagstaff, AZ ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $150

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C. F. Martin was born in 1796 in Markneukirchen, a small town in Germany historically famous for building musical instruments.He came from a long line of cabinet makers and woodworkers.His father, Johann Georg Martin, also built guitars. By the age of 15, according to the book Martin Guitars: A History by Mike Longworth, C. F. Martin apprenticed to Johann Georg Stauffer, a well-known guitar. Located on the World Famous Sunset Strip, LA Guitar Sales is an authorized dealer for Bedell, Blackbird, Breedlove, Cordoba, Eastman, Journey, Larrivee, Martin, Rainsong, Taylor and more with their full line available 53 ft Trailer of Amazon Items AS IS RETURNS! * * * ONLINE VIEWING ONLY * * * Pick up MON -WED 9 -6 pm After August 11th, late fees will apply. Closed Saturdays for the summer Items MAY include: ItemDesc MSRP LG 43UN700-B 43 Inch UHD (3840 X 2160) IPS Display with USB Type-C, 4 HDMI Inputs and HDR10 $1,038.00 XP-PEN Artist 22 (2nd Generation) Drawing Monitor Digital Drawing Tablet with Screen. Martin 00 size vs. 000 size guitar. Are martin 00-15 and 000-15 both considered fingerstyle guitars primarily? Do they sound about the same? _____ 2010 Martin MFG Custom OOO-15SM 2000 Taylor 615 1997 Martin D-15 - sold #2 09-19-2010, 05:10 PM. 0 vs 00 vs 000 Body shape. By redhawks2, July 31, 2007 in Acoustic Guitars. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Members; redhawks2. Posted July 31, 2007. redhawks2. Dimensions of Martin Guitar Models. and. Martin Sizes. Now this question gets asked enough that a smart young mod just might sticky this thread. Link to comment Share on other.

The 000-15M is virtually the same as the D-15M, except that it is in Martin?s 000 shape. 000 = 000 Shape. 15 = 15 Series. M = Solid Mahogany top, back and sides. The shape is larger than the 00 but smaller than the Dreadnought and GP shapes. It has the same bridge style, bone saddle, standard taper neck and 1 11/16 A Guide to Acoustic Guitar Sizes - Part II: Big Guitars. Guitars with lower bout widths of 15 inches or less are in general based on classic designs and designations from Martin. Part II of this guide to acoustic guitar sizes looks at guitars with lower bouts greater than 15 inches wide. Things are not as clear cut here as with smaller guitars

Instruments from the collection of Vince Gill. Martin Custom Shop Gruhn 28 style models. Covid-19 Update for Gruhn Guitars May 1, 2021. Instrument Repair. Martin Sinker Mahogany Models Today, most people tend to define parlor guitars as any acoustic guitar that is smaller than the standard Size No.0 standard that was set by C.F. Martin in the early 1900s. In the evolution of guitars, parlor guitars sit between the Spanish classical guitars and the modern, large-body acoustic guitars Would an 0 size guitar such as Martin 0-15 class as a 3/4 size. O. I Can find plenty for 00 and 000 but struggling for 0 size models. reply; Ibanez Classical nylon acoustic electric G series . Submitted by Logan (not verified) on Mon, 25 Jan, 2021. Anyone know which case this guitar will fit in

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+49(0)9546 9223-55. international@thomann.de. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch. +49(0)9456 9223-55. international@thomann.d 1932 Martin 0-18 Parlor Guitar. It's not often that a luthier has the opportunity to work on a pre-war Martin. This little 1932 Parlor 0-18 came to the shop in very rough condition. It took a tumble down some stairs, resulting in a long crack in the treble side of the body and several smaller cracks. In addition to this damage the guitar had. The Martin 000-17 Acoustic Guitar has a satin black smoke finish offset with grained ivoroid binding and pickguard show off the understated beauty of this guitar. It is crafted with a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides for a comforting, warm tone. The Guatemalan rosewood fingerboard and bridge pop against the rich, black satin. One of the oldest guitar manufacturers. Established 1833, Martin guitars are responsible for many features of acoustics. These include the dreadnought shape, 14th-fret neck joint, and X frame bracing pattern. Martin's mission today is the same as 183 years ago, to create the finest instruments possible. Our range comprises acoustic, electro. * Serial numbers 900,001 to 902,908 were used on Sigma-Martins in 1981 and 1982

The Different Sizes of Acoustic Guitars (Complete Guide

Playing the 0-18, we were greeted with classic Martin tone. The guitar had excellent clarity, great balance, and a surprisingly full sonic character given the instrument's small size. The short scale and contemporary feel of the neck yielded great playability, and whether played fingerstyle or with a flatpick, it offered a vintage vibe that. 1930 Martin 5-17 T, Tenor guitar. $3,495.00. 1930 Martin 5-17 T, Tenor guitar, Great sounding Mahogany guitar! 22 7/8 scale length, 11 ¼ inches wide at the lower bout, 1 ¼ nut width, Bar frets, Grover tuners, Fun to play, Beautiful tonality, EC, Rough original soft case, $3,495. Price: $3,495.00 Martin 00-28 & Case. SKU: 0028 $799. Recording King Dirty 30s Series 7 000 Tenor Guitar. SKU: ROST7TS. $189.99. Sold out. Martin 000C12-16E Nylon Guitar & Gigbag, Fishman Matrix VT Enhance Pickup. SKU: 000C12-16ENYL SKU: GWF1512. $999. Recording King Dirty 30's Series 7 12-Fret Single 0 Guitar. SKU: RPS7-MBK. $169.99. Martin OMC-16E.

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Martin 00 12 Fret Scale Length: 24.75″ Body Width: 14.25″ Body Length: 19.5″ Body Depth: 4.25″ The Martin 00 is the next size up from the Style 0, with a slightly larger body and corresponding higher air volume. This increases the projection a little, and also lowers the resonant frequency of the body making the tone a little warmer Pre-war models to modern day marvels we always have a selection of Martin acoustics in stock. From D-18, D-28, 00 and OM styles and more available

Martin OM-45 OM45 guitar Martin 000-45 00045 guitar Martin

Since then, Martin has offered some variations, such as this more restrained-looking Jeff Tweedy 00-DB in mahogany, at right. Another strange Martin model is their 000NB, Norman Blake's remake of the 14-fret 000 as a 12-fret guitar. Reverse evolution of a curious sort. Employing the same rationale I used for the H-13 SCGC, it kind of looks like. Sold Out. Martin Original 1968 D28S 12-Fret Brazilian Rosewood **COLLECTION ONLY** 2nd hand. £449. Sold Out. Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Electro-Acoustic w/Gig Bag - 2nd Hand. £1499. Sold Out. Martin 1971 D12-20 12-String Acoustic Guitar - Natural Case **UK SHIPPING** 2nd Hand. £2199 Almost in jest we pitted the D-X2E against an £8,000-plus Martin D-28 Authentic and a £3,650 Modern Deluxe D-18. And while the rosewood D-28 offered a more canon-like delivery and lasting 'bloom' on the notes, and the mahogany D-18 gave a typically sophisticated response, in no way did the laminated D-X let itself down 712 East 100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Open by Appointment Telephone: 801.322.468

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