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And while ACL Tears are definitely a common occurrence in soccer, the encouraging news is that in this day and age it is perfectly reasonable to expect athletes to return from the injury even better than before. Here's a list of some famous soccer players who've battled the dreaded ACL Tear. Zlatan ibrohimavic Bronny James is recovering from surgery to repair a torn meniscus, according to a report. © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports The Los Angeles Daily News' Tarek Fattal reported on Thursday that.. Ankle injuries. The ankle is arguably the most important body part to a professional soccer player. The ankle controls directional running, kicking, faking, sliding, tackling, and stability. Ankle injuries can include sprained ankles (which sound like no big deal but which can keep a pro benched), broken bones, bone bruises, and torn ligaments

MEDIAL MENISCUS TEAR IN A SOCCER PLAYER. Veneziano, C J 1; Selby, R M 1. Author Information. 1 St. Vincent's Hospital & Medical Center of New York, New York Medical College. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2001 - Volume 33 - Issue 5 - p S234 Thus, 14 of the 31 patients with an isolated lesion of the anterior horn tear of the lateral meniscus composed this retrospective study. The patients included 3 professional soccer players, 7 college students, 3 high school students, and 1 middle school student. All student players were involved in regular practice and daily games The meniscus is mostly avascular (lacks blood supply). When the meniscus is torn or injured, it does not repair on its own due to this limited blood supply. Mechanism of Injury. Twist of your soccer player's knee (i.e. while he is running or cutting towards the soccer ball), with or without a direct collision When Baggio was just 18 and playing for Vicenza, he ruptured the ACL in his right knee as well as tearing his meniscus. Such was the severity of the twin-injury, there were fears that his career..

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The severity of the meniscus tear can vary from a minor, treatable with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) to a moderate or major tear requiring meniscus surgery to repair damage to the meniscal cartilage. Meniscus tears are more common in adult athletes (30 years and older) simply because the menisci loses some of its resiliency as we age Surgery to reconstruct the ACL is the preferred treatment for soccer players to restore stability to the knee and allow the athlete to return to soccer. Recovery and physical therapy to restore motion, strength and function can take 6-12 months. Meniscus tear. This is another knee injury that often affects athletes Mississippi State's Darius Slay recently suffered a torn meniscus that has doctors and sports fans alike questioning his future. Previously expected to be a first-round draft pick, Slay is now facing possible surgery and rehab to repair the tear and regain strength and range-of-motion in the knee THE MENISCUS TEAR. Almost everyone has a friend or relative that has had a knee cleanout because of a torn meniscus. These are common injuries in the general population and are also common in football players. The meniscus is a crescent-shaped piece of cartilage located between the tibia and femur bones

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  1. A torn meniscus may be considered one of the most common injuries in athletes; it does take a few months before you can get back to running. For both meniscectomy and the meniscal repair surgery, it may take up to three months before full use of the knee is achieved. If a meniscal transplant is performed, the recovery time may double to up to.
  2. The meniscus tears when the pressure outweighs the shock that the meniscus can bear. Causes of meniscus tear. Twisting or turning quickly, especially planting your foot on the pitch while your knee is bent; Lifting something heavy from a squatting position, such as weightlifting during resistance training for soccer players; Symptoms of.
  3. Meniscus tears are among the most common reasons for orthopaedic surgery. If you have a meniscus tear, do you need surgery right away? Can you make the tear.
  4. Older soccer players may tear their meniscus from experiencing trivial trauma, such as twisting. the knee, squatting, or from repetitive activities such as running. These activities can place. extra stress on the knee joint. The meniscus has a tendency to degenerate with age, which can. make older soccer players more susceptible to meniscus tears
  5. Through the stories of a dozen athletes whose injuries and recovery advanced the field (including Joan Benoit, Michael Jordan, Brandi Chastain, and Tommy John), Dr. Geier explains how sports medicine makes sports safer for the pros, amateurs, student-athletes, and weekend warriors alike
  6. Furthermore, among 116 cases of lateral meniscus tear, there were only 3 cases (2.5%) of isolated anterior horn tear. In the present series, isolated anterior horn (zone D) tear was even rarer; it was found in only 8 cases (1.6%) among a total of 499 cases of meniscus tear. All 8 patients were soccer or futsal players
  7. So did Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, Cubs relief pitcher Kerry Wood and Jets safety Eric Smith during the off-season. As WSJ's Health Journal will explain, many meniscus tears occur when the upper..

5 Most Common Soccer Injuries Sustained by the Pro

Dr. Robert Meislin answered. 36 years experience sports medicine. Knee surgery: For a routine knee arthroscopy with partial meniscectomy it is quite possible to return to football play after 9 weeks. Following repair of the torn m Read More. 1 doctor agrees. 0 Meniscus tear. A meniscus is an object shaped like a crescent moon, such as the medial meniscus of the knee. The medial meniscus serves as a cartilage pad between the joints of the thigh and shin bones. Meniscus tears are most likely caused by twisting or turning abruptly, usually with the foot in place while the knee is bent

That said, if the meniscus is already heavily damaged, repairing it is impossible using current technology. It's not clear yet if Rose's knee has reached that point. Russell Westbrook is the other.. Why Myles Jack's recovery time for a torn meniscus takes 4-6 months. Jim Mora revealed earlier Thursday that the significant knee injury that will shelve the Bruins' talented linebacker. Difficulty bending and straightening the leg. Here we arrive at the crux of the matter. If you play, coach, or treat football players, thereâ s a lot of information you should know about ACL sprains and tears. When can a patient or athlete do too much, meaning do more harm to the injured body part? Swelling. More sustained pain usually indicates of a torn meniscus and/or MCL. 3. The meniscus. 3. Meniscus Damage Can Lead to Osteoarthritis of the Knee. Here we arrive at the crux of the matter. Not fixing your ACL (playing sports with a torn ACL) opens the meniscus up to damage. You lose the shock absorber of you knee when this happens. The result is a much higher chance of arthritis Typically, the recovery time from a torn meniscus is 4-6 weeks — or about a month. So a basketball or hockey player that tears his meniscus will only miss a month or so of a long season. Part of.

An athlete often describes the sensation of tearing a meniscus as a pop. Running back Adrian Peterson, then with the Minnesota Vikings, suffered a torn meniscus in Week 2 in 2016 and required lateral surgery. He played only one more game (Week 15) before his season ended because of knee and groin injuries Most NBA players recover from meniscus tears. NEW YORK (R Health) - A handful of players are sidelined by torn knee cartilage every season in the National Basketball Association, according.

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The committee backfield will return in 2021 and is again clouded by Jeff Wilson Jr.'s torn meniscus. However, last year's injured players will also be back, which will provide managers with some. The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage that cushions the shinbone from the thighbone. The meniscus can tear if it is forcefully twisted or rotated. Other knee injuries in professional soccer players include: Runner's knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) Torn or damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL Online. re: Bama made Dylan Moses play through a torn meniscus injury Posted. by SidewalkTiger. on 3/30/21 at 8:09 am to Henry Jones Jr. quote: I would say LSU stealing money from a children's hospital. Probably, if that did actually happen. quote: covering up sexual harassment by their players and head coach is worse


One of the most common injuries among football players is the meniscus tear, a knee joint injury that happens when the player's foot is planted and the knee is twisted. The two menisci in each knee act as sort of knee pads made of cartilage. Sandwiched between the bones of the upper and lower legs, they help stabilize the knee joint Soccer Knee Injuries. Collisions, quick stops, and falls result in ACL and meniscal tears are common in this sport. An ACL tear is the most common season-ending injury for a soccer player, as surgery is almost always required to repair to a torn ligament. A meniscal tear can often occur at the same time as an ACL tear, but if only the meniscus. The meniscus is the shock-absorber cartilage in the knee. Frequently active people will have pain, catching and locking of the knee that limits their ability to exercise or play sports. Often they choose to undergo surgery to overcome those symptoms. In this video, I talk about the surgical options for meniscus tear

Athletes involved in pivoting, cutting, or sudden changes in direction are most likely to sustain an ACL/medial meniscus tear. This commonly includes soccer and basketball players and skiers. Treatment of meniscal tears has changed over the years from removal to preservation. Surgeons use arthroscopic methods to check the meniscus for damage Chris Paul may have posted his best statistics in his years with the New Orleans Hornets before suffering a meniscus tear in his left knee, but that doesn't mean he's slowed down. In 2010, Paul underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus, forcing him out for almost half the season Along with a broken thumb and LASIK eye surgery, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus that needed to be trimmed, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported The meniscus is a shock absorber in the knee, a horseshoe shaped structure situated between the two major knee joint bones. There are two menisci in each knee, and either meniscus can be torn in patterns generally like the ones shown in the photo (from OrthoInfo, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) Meniscus Tears in Soccer. Other injuries in soccer can include a meniscus tear or a kneecap dislocation. A meniscus tear is a tear of the cushion of the knee, and the meniscus is felt to be the most essential structure to protecting long-term joint health

During a meniscus repair the torn meniscus is sutured together. A meniscus repair may provide protection against developing arthritis from a meniscus tear. Knee injuries are more common in contact sports. Meniscus tears and ACL injuries are both very common in young football players. Osteoarthritis can be the end result of a severe knee injury. San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson Jr. will miss the start of the 2021 season. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports that the player recently underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus, an Purpose To report the outcomes (subjective function, return to play, complications and reoperations) of arthroscopic all-inside meniscal fixation in a large sample of soccer players with hypermobile lateral meniscus. Methods Between 2010 and 2015, 55 patients undergoing surgical treatment for hypermobile lateral meniscus at Mutualidad Catalana de Futbolistas (Barcelona, Spain) were identified. 1) Impact made to the front or side of the knee: Think of a football player being tackled. As a player runs down the field with the ball and nears the end zone, he is tackled from the side by a defensive player. If the defensive player makes contact with the knee and forces the knee to move sideways, he is at risk for tearing his meniscus A meniscus tear, most commonly referred to as a cartilage tear is an extremely common form of knee injury. It can be the result of heavy lifting, sharp directional turns or stops or indeed, blunt force trauma to the knee area. Tearing or damaging the meniscus is certainly not limited to professional athletes

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30 and younger. Lateral meniscus tears were more common in players age 30 and younger. Medial meniscus tears were more common for older players. 25. Players with a body mass index greater than 25. 5 NFL Players-Turned-Doctors. Aine Greaney February 2, 2021 8:00 am. Athletes and doctors are known for their drive, determination, and dedication. While several athletes have found success in multiple sports, a number of football players have traded their helmets for stethoscopes, making the switch from the gridiron to the physicians' office Background A 21-year-old collegiate football player suffered an injury in a scrimmage, presented with posterolateral knee pain and light swelling. The patient had no previous history of knee injuries. Upon MRI the patient was diagnosed with a meniscal tear and a cyst. Differential Diagnosis Meniscal pathology, muscle weakness, stiffness. Treatment Diagnosis of the injury was MRI, revealing a. There were far less possessions in the late 80s through the 2000s than today: 2. The players are bigger in this era than any point in the history of the league. 3. While data is limited, think we can all agree that NBA players cover around more ground and make much more sudden movements in today's game compared to the 80s to the 2000s Top 3 Reasons Soccer Players Are at Risk for ACL Injuries By Dr. Riley Williams III To kick off the start of the Major League Soccer (MLS) season, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) will be posting its first-ever soccer blog series with Dr. Riley Williams and other HSS experts beginning today

Common football injuries-- ACL/MCL Injury. The most common injuries to the knee are an ACL tear, MCL tear, and meniscus tear. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee and works with the LCL to restrict unusual movement of the knee sideways. The ACL is located inside the knee and more forward then the PCL Meniscus Tears in Football Player. Other football-related knee injuries include tears of the meniscus. The medial and lateral menisci are important cushions and shock absorbers within the knee. It is certainly felt that the meniscus protects the whole knee, and when one loses their meniscus, it is the end of normal function of that particular knee Barkley enters his fourth season coming off multiple knee ligament tears, and a meniscus tear, and is likely to be eased back into action. The Giants have him on a cheap fifth-year option ($7.2 million) in 2022, but the 24-year-old back needs this comeback to secure a monster extension

In athletes, meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries. This is especially true for those players who engage in competitive and contact sports. Let's begin with a bit of knee anatomy. The top NFL players returning from injury in 2021 Posted 9 hours ago | By Sam Robinson Several Pro Bowl-caliber players or quality starters missed all or most of the 2020 season due to injury

Typically, the recovery time from a torn meniscus is 4-6 weeks — or about a month. So a basketball or hockey player that tears his meniscus will only miss a month or so of a long season. Part of. More sustained pain usually indicates of a torn meniscus and/or MCL. for a professional football player. ranks as the third best WR in college football by most accounts -despite just 33. Athletes usually tear the Meniscus by a traumatic impact or twisting movement. Football players, tennis players, soccer players and basketball players are all notorious sufferers of Meniscus tears. Some athletes may also suffer from collateral ligament tears and ACL ruptures that occur concomitantly with a Meniscus tear

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Saquon Barkley (knee) was present at the New York Giants' team facility Tuesday, but he won't be available to participate in OTAs while he continues his rehab for a torn ACL and meniscus, Kimberly. A dislocated kneecap occurs when the kneecap (patella) is knocked out of place. Read About Acute Patellar Injuries. It can occur as a result of direct, forceful trauma or due to movement putting excessive pressure on the kneecap, making it a common injury among athletes in sports such as football, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer A tear of a meniscus is a rupturing of one or more of the fibrocartilage strips in the knee called menisci.When doctors and patients refer to torn cartilage in the knee, they actually may be referring to an injury to a meniscus at the top of one of the tibiae.Menisci can be torn during innocuous activities such as walking or squatting.They can also be torn by traumatic force encountered in. The signs and symptoms of an ACL tear include a loud pop, severe pain, rapid swelling, instability, and difficulty with walking or standing. MRI is the best study to diagnose an ACL injury. Surgery is not the best option as it has multiple complications which include re-tears, knee instability, diminished performance, and risk for arthritis Soccer players are at risk of knee injuries due to the unpredictable nature of their sport. Here are a few potential causes of meniscus tears: weight, and progressions to recover from the meniscus tear to the best of your ability. At first, your exercise program may start with easy exercises; however, the difficulty of these exercises will.

It's common for soccer players to injure their knees and even tear a ligament. These injuries are not surprising considering all the footwork and running required on the field. Doing specific exercises to strengthen the thighs and wearing a soccer knee brace are ways to help reduce your chances of soccer knee injury Bronny James out for season with torn meniscus; The best possible fictional basketball team Seth is a fine player, one of the best three-point shooters ever by percentage, but Steph is on his.

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Since many people over 50 will have one and many more over 70 will have one it is normal to wonder if a meniscus tear can heal without surgery. a 16 year old high performance elite soccer player who suffered an intense bilateral knee on knee hit to her left knee during a soccer game. No harm in continuing to run on a stable meniscus. Walking on a torn meniscus will not make it worse. By starting with a small amount of time to walk daily along with physical therapy can help you to speed up recovery and regain control of muscles. Walking is a excellent way to loosen your knee joint and your therapist can also evaluate the way you walk to observe any issues that may contribute to a torn meniscus

Meniscus Tears (Torn Cartilage) A torn meniscus is among the most common knee injuries experienced by athletes. In addition, you don't have to be an athlete to suffer a torn meniscus—anyone, at any age can injure or tear a meniscus. Your Meniscus is: Made of two wedge-shaped pieces of tough and rubbery cartilage that act as shock. Top cornerback prospect Nick Nelson has suffered a torn meniscus during a private workout with a team, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport Aside from tearing her ACL, Erin also had torn her MCL and meniscus. Despite the setback of her knee injury, Dr. Vyas was confident that Erin would be back on the soccer field to play during her junior year. Dr. Vyas was fabulous from day one, says Erin's mother, Dawn. He was calm and reassured us that Erin would be okay.


The severity of knee joints damage in soccer players depends on their age and career duration, and the condition of articular cartilage and meniscus of the dominant (which has a higher mechanical. Meniscus Tear Rehab Best ExercisesBest exercises to strengthen your legs after a menisectomy. Also great exercises to do if you have a meniscus tear and want.. Sudden stops, changes in direction, awkward landings, and direct contact, such as a tackle, can result in an ACL tear. Fractures: falling or being tackled onto one knee can fracture the kneecap. Meniscus Tears: the meniscus is on top of the shin bone and helps stabilize the knee joint. It can be torn during twisting motions

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Causes of Torn Meniscus. The major cause of this torn meniscus injury during sports activities. Here, a player can easily fall down, bend the knee to make it twist. This makes it easy for the player to get affected with this torn meniscus. Age is also an additive factor which causes torn meniscus. They high likely to develop degenerative. Athletes in contact and non-contact sports may tear the meniscus by twisting the knee, pivoting, cutting or decelerating. In athletes, meniscal tears often happen in combination with other. Adeniyi (knee) underwent surgery Friday to address a meniscus tear, Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.. Adeniyi is expected to remain sidelined a minimum of two to four weeks as. Three knee surgeries followed by a meniscus transplant sidelined the young soccer player for 2 ½ years. He's now on the verge of returning to the field. From inside her son's examination room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Teresa Torres could hear orthopaedic surgeon Lee Pace, MD, stop short at the door when he saw the name on the chart The most common soccer injuries are sprains, and strains of ligaments and muscles; specifically tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the meniscus. Moreover, the risk of ACL injuries in women is even greater, and females are four to eight times more likely than men to suffer this injury

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  1. Football players are at risk of suffering a bucket handle meniscus tear. A person can expect to spend at least six months in recovery from meniscus surgery. He or she usually needs to wear a protective brace and use crutches for about six weeks to avoid aggravating the joint
  2. The meniscus is the pad of cartilage that cushions the ends of the thigh- and shinbones in the knee. A meniscus tear typically occurs when the knee is twisted while your weight is on it, and this is a very common type of sports injury for basketball and football players. There are some cases where meniscus tears can be treated without surgery
  3. The torn meniscus was debrided with a biter and shaver to prepare the tear for repair. The self-capturing suture passer was used to pass a size 0 high-strength suture through the meniscus. First, we pass the free ends of suture from top to bottom on both sides of the tear. Tangles, as seen here, can be sorted using an atraumatic grasper

10 Common Soccer & Football-related Sports Injuries

  1. Therefore, when looking for the best knee brace for torn medial meniscus, you need to choose something that comes with features that are suitable for torn medial meniscus. Players of contact sports like soccer and football can benefit from the use of prophylactic braces
  2. gham performed the surgery
  3. A common test of a suspected ACL tear is to bend the knee and see if the ligament can prevent the tibia from moving forward on the femur. 5-7 . MCL Injury: Injuries to the MCL are usually caused by a severe, direct blow to the outside of the knee. These types of injuries often occur in contact sports (e.g., football, soccer) and in skiing. 5-
  4. Meniscus tear risk factors. Anyone, at any age, can suffer a meniscus tear. You're at higher risk for a torn meniscus if you play contact sports, such as football. Meniscus tear complications. An untreated meniscus tear can lead to more damage in the joint and other serious conditions. Lead to more damage in the joint and other serious problems
  5. For example, soccer, football, women's basketball players have higher risk of knee sprains. Prevention of knee sprains requires using the right equipment, strengthening the knee joint, and adhering to a training schedule that is well-suited for the athlete's health and abilities
  6. A torn meniscus is one of the most common injuries to the knee among athletes, especially those who play contact sports. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, anyone at any age can have this injury. A torn meniscus will not heal on its own because there is no blood supply to the meniscus, so that unless the tear is small and on the outer sides.

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