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2 Meter Ssb Yagi Antenna A 6 Element Beam Homebrew. 6 Element Yagi For 2 Meter Band Resource Detail The Dxzone. The Wb0cmt 3 Element 2 Meter Yagi Using Pvc Boom. 144mhz 2m Portable Yagi Vhf Beam Antenna M0ukd Radio. 5 Element 2 Meter Yagi Antenna Resource Detail The Dxzone. Building A 2 And 6 Meter Coaxial Yagi By W6hj Build your own 2m/70cm 3 Elements VHF by 5 Elements UHF Yagi antenna with excellent gain for both VHF and UHF operation. This antenna is designed for amateur band frequency for both VHF (2m) and UHF (70cm). The antenna has good reflection coefficient and VSWR ratio @ 1.2:1 at center frequency and 1.7:1 at band edge 2 METER SSB YAGI PLANS FOR SIDEBAND FUN This 6 element beam was designed using the free Yagi Antenna Design program by WA7RAI called Quick Yagi (QY4) This antenna progam is no longer supported but you may be able to find it by doing a web search. It was designed and optimized using 144.250mhz as the center frequency which is in the middle of. The QM7 antenna is a simple 7 elements Yagi with 3.7 m boom length for the lower 144 MHz SSB/MGM band, in PDF Format. 2 Meters Bicycle Antenna. 2 Meter Antenna for Bicycle Mobile Operation. Build a 2 Meter 5/4 Wave Antenna. This antenna is unique in that it is enclosed entirely in 3/4 PVC. 2 meter Quagi 97 DIY 5$ Portable VHF Yagi Antenna for the 2 Meter Band (144-146 MHz) by F4HWK: In this publication i explain how to build a very light weight, cheap, easy to build and deployable in 30 seconds portable VHF antenna for the 2 meter band. Here i present all steps to build this antenna. Measurement results for the S11 (or SWR) ar

This video demonstrates how easy it is to make a gamma match for a 2 meter yagi antenna. You may use this gamma match on a much larger 2 meter yagi, too. Some hams prefer to design their own yagi antennas and might find this style of gamma match very useful. The gamma match is made using a 3/8 aluminum tube and a piece of RG-8 coaxial cable 2m Ultimate G/T Q65 JT65 Biggest 144 MHz Yagi Antenna PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP. 2 meter EME - Q65 - JT65 - Competition Extremely Low Noise Yagi Antenna 2 x 16 Elements PA144-CROSS-.. 465.00€ Don Murray W9VE Building a Dual-Band Antenna Mentorfest 10/23/04 1 How to Build a Dual-Band Antenna for 2M/70cm. Don Murray W9VE Building a Dual-Band Antenna Mentorfest 10/23/04 2 Rubber Ducks are Kinda Like Rubber Chickens • Rubber duck nearly an isotropic source, but not as good. My shack for portable operation. I use the 2x6-El.-50Ohm-Yagi for 2m with 2,50m boom an 2x10-El.-28Ohm-Yagi for 70cm with 2m boom. The mast has a height of 8m and can be erected easily without any helpers. A 400W-AC-generator or 2x100Ah lead acid batteries gives the power for several hours of operation Simple Wideband Yagi's for 2m and 70cm - Errata and extra pictures. Since my article on Simple Wideband Yagi's appeared in September AR I have had a number of people contact me advising that it would be better to use the grey electrical conduit rather than the orange version I did

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Of course, the nature of gain might mean that a directional antenna may bring in *less* interfering signals if those signals come from directions other than the way your antenna is pointing. I have used my Baofeng with a UHF cheap yagi design, a 3-element tape measure yagi, and a UHF IO antenna and all of them have worked well with the Baofeng. This page contains construction details on a 2 metre 144MHz VHF Yagi beam antenna, designed for portable use. Since an old 5 element version (v1) of my antenna was shown in the July 2011 edition of RadCom, a few people have contacted me asking for some information on how it was constructed.It has gone through a few revisions over the years (this is version 4) and is now a 6 element Yagi Uda. The configuration of this Yagi antenna is known as a Plumber's Delight (everything is connected together and grounded), a Gamma Match will be the simplest to construct. The Gamma Tube is usually ~10% of the length of the Driven Element, in this case it will be 5″ long and made from a length of 0.155″ diameter brass hobby tubing

2-meter Yagi—complete with mounting hardware—for $20. The antenna offers a gain of about 10 dB, is lightweight, mechanically strong and rivals the performance of similar commercial antennas. The antenna's low cost is made possible by modifying a RadioShack FM broadcast receiving antenna (RS 15-2163). For $19.99, plus tax, you get a 70. SEE A 6 ELEMENT 2 METER SSB (144.250) DESIGN HERE Further information on antenna design and feed systems, see The Radio Amateurs Handbook, The ARRL Antenna Handbook, Dr. J.L. Lawson's Yagi Antenna Design (ARRL), or Bill Orr's Radio Engineer's Handbook, to name only a few Figure7. Figure8. Figure9- Figure10. Figure 11 Figure12. Figure13. Figure]k. Figure15. Figure16. Figure17. Figure18. Figure19. Figure20. Figure21. The Yagi was designed using Martin Meserve's VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Design tools. The beam was designed for a resonant frequency of 144.3000 MHz at a drive impedance of 50R. This is typical for 2-metre SSB operation and is nicely compatible with my Yaesu FT-857D that I use for portable operation TAPE MEASURE YAGI ANTENNA (2m) Material Needed Tools Needed 2-feet of ½ PVC (Schedule 40) 2 - ½ PVC T's 1 - ½ PVC Cross 115 - Steel Tape measure (3/4 or 1 wide) 6 - 1-1/4 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps 5 of 14-18 gauge wire (solid or stranded) Electrical Tape Sandpaper Electrical solde

The 4-El.-Ultralight-Yagi for 2m can be used on 70cm with an SWR of 1,5 without any changes. The pattern and the currents of the Yagi are shown down. The Yagi has three forward lobes (according to the three current maxima in the 3/2-lambda-radiator) with 5,39dBd - 4,35dBd -5,39dBd gain Let's Build the Yagi Antenna. This article describes the phases for the construction of a Yagi antenna. The calculations of the parameters are made using 4NEC2 software. This type of antenna is used for transmissions and receptions of electromagnetic waves. The project shown here refers to the frequency of 433.92 MHz

G0KSC Antennas - free yagi designs for ham radio. SHOP ; ANTENNAS . BUY ANTENNA PARTS ; ASTRONOMY YAGIS . 5el 73MHz Radio Astronomy ; 11el 406MHz Radio Astronomy Yagi 7el 2.2m Boom ; 7el 3.2m Boom ; 8el 3.4m Boom. The following is an example of a 3 element yagi used in the 2 meter band. An HF antenna is done exactly the same way. You may decide to go to the calculation section to let the computer do it all for you. The frequency of operation determines the driven element length and the spacing of the elements The simple Yagi Antenna is shown in the figure-1. It consists of three elements viz. director, dipole and reflector. It may have one or multiple directors. Dipole (i.e. Driven Element): It is the feed point where feedline is usually attached from transmitter. This helps in transfer of energy from transmitter module to antenna 6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna Built from Old TV Antenna by KGØZZ This turned out to be a great little antenna. It works the 6 meter, 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands Wokatenna Design; Yagi Uda Antenna Designer (NBS Tech. Note 688) Yagi Uda Antenna Designer (Rothammel/DL6WU) Filter Designer (Audio, AF) Lowpass Filters. yagi_uda_antenna_DL6WU.php 14898 Bytes 24-07-2014 07:55:47 Yagi Uda Antenna Calculator . Based on Rothammel / DL6W

These days the electrical design of antennas is easy. There are plenty of Yagi designs and computer modeling programs out there. I picked this design out of Lawson's Yagi Antenna Design because it has good gain and pattern for just four elements.1 I wanted few elements for portable work--more elements mean more assembly/disassembly time A Yagi is a Directional antenna made of up elements. The 3 Major parts which make a yagi are the driven element, reflector and director. When cut and placed at a calculated distance (On a Boom), the elements will cause the RF (Power) to be sent (radiated) or received in whichever direction the antenna is pointing to Yagi Antennas for ham radio use, manufacturers, plans and design category is a curation of 108 web resources on , Two portable antennas for 6-meter, EF0610 6 Meters yagi antenna, Tape Measure Antenna. Resources listed under Yagi Antennas category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators

Build the 3 x 5 Elements 2m/70cm Dualband Yagi DW1ZWS

  1. The Tiny 2 is a great little 2 meter beam. It has some really interesting properties and it is a fantastic first time antenna project for the beginner. The Tiny 2+1 Renamed the Tiny 3. As with any standard three element design, this three element direct connect antenna utilizes a reflector and a director to achieve gain
  2. Portable 70 cm Yagi Antenna For Satellites. Recently I have wanted to do more with satellite communications. To make portable operations easier, I wanted to build an antenna that is easy to carry and compact. The elements on this antenna are removable and held in place with magnets. This makes it very simple to put the antenna together
  3. 2m Yagi Antenna Plans Page 2 Line 17qq. 6m S Directional Antennas Pg1n Ham Radio Site. 2 Meter Beam Antenna Plans Page Line 17qq. Yagi Antenna Construction Page 6 Line 17qq. 3 elements fullsize yagi antenna for 40m band 3e 3 element yagi antenna calculator 2 meter quad antenna dl6wu long boom yagi design tools

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cheap, simple yagi antennas we have all used. Thank you, more to come. Thanks to Roy Lewallen for EZNEC, the tool I use to design antennas with clean patterns. Thanks to everyone I've worked on the air since 1979 with experimental yagi antennas of my own design. Thanks to the late Donald K Reynolds, my friend and antenna professor at UW DK7ZB design. I got the dimensions from DK7ZB's website. I chose the 4-El.-50Ohm (0,76m) version. First I wanted to make the 28Ohm version, but in the end I went for the 50Ohms. I will make another 2m modular Yagi with a larger boom some time later on and then probably try out the 28Ohms. The problem with the element Three Simple Home Brew 2-Meter Antennas. Not counting the rubber ducky that came with my first VHF radio a BaoFeng UV-5B, I made my first three antennas. Leaving the coax out of the equation each antenna cost under $5- to build and about 1-hour of my time. I will share those three home brew antennas with you now

2m - 70cm DualBand EME Yagi Antenna PA144-432-34-6-2CBGP Two Separate Connectors. Dual Band EME - Terrestrial Yagi Antenna PA144-432-34-6-2CBGP Two separate antennas on the same boom.. 245.00€. Add to Cart Although it was intended that an old TV beam be used to build this antenna, I had already bought some aluminium with the building of a 2 meter Yagi in mind, though not yet having decided on any design. This particular design appealed to me because although having seven elements, was shorter than other designs I had seen The DUT antenna is the YBN 70-5 with 4.50 mm elements through boom and some DE offset. This is not a particularly 'High Antenne Q' design.Due to element diameter and DE offset simulation and VNA plot are at 433.8 MHz here. So here is the baseline plot without any caps on. • Now with those tiny PA6 pieces on D

Ultra-lightweight 2m Yagi for SOTA. Posted on April 5, 2012 by k0mos. August 8, 2013. Yagi - Dimensions. I am always carrying my HT (Yaesu VX-7R) as a backup on my SOTA activations. It saved my butt on two occasions when high winds prevented me from setting up my vertical Buddipole. Since high winds are not unusual at higher elevations I was. Antenna was designed by Kent Britian, WA5VJB, and full credit (and blame) belongs to him on this design! This antenna is ideal for rovers, and is good for a fixed station on a budget. It can be built for around $15-20 (1999 dollars). The boom material typically is wood, 1/2 by 3/4 sold in home centers as flat pine molding Yagi's usually have a lower impedance at the feedpoint of the driven element and I just couldn't get a good match to 50 ohms using a trombone coaxial match. Abandoning that approach, I decided to start with the tape measure yagi design and adapt it. Pictured here is the resulting antenna and a plot of it's SWR over the 2 meter band

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DIY 5$ Portable VHF Yagi Antenna for the 2 Meter Band (144

A computer optimized VHF 2-meterband Yagi antenna for radioamateurs, transmitting and receiving on 144 Mc to 148 Mc with this beam in high gain Db's! mathewsmangi. M. mathewsmangi. Ham radio. Dipole Antenna. Ham Radio Antenna. 4 Element. Band How to Build a 4 Element 2 Meter Yagi Antenna with a Gamma Match. 2m Yagi Antenna. Saved by Kelvin. 54. Dipole Antenna Ham Radio Antenna 4 Element Diy Tools Radios English Language Design Google Search Image. More information... More like thi We offer a huge selection of Yagi antennas, including cross-polarized and circularly polarized, from top brands like M2 Antennas, Cushcraft, MFJ, and Diamond Antenna. Whether you're operating on 2 meters or you work in the 1.2 GHz band, DX Engineering has a VHF/UHF beam antenna that can deliver the clean, clear signal you demand. Shop now The 2 Meter band tape measure beam antenna is a 3 element Yagi with about 7.2 db of forward gain. This lightweight antenna is perfect to use for fox hunts or as a portable directional antenna for public service events

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A 2-Meter, 6-Element OWA Yagi. 2-meters is filled with Yagis and variants that provide mediocre gain and operating bandwidth on longer than necessary booms. An adaptation of the OWA for 2 meters can provide 10 dBi free space gain on a 4.5' boom, which is under two-thirds of a wavelength. At 2-meters, we can use uniform element diameters for. 2m Yagi Beam Antenna | 144 MHz 10 Element Super-Light High Gain OWL G/T. OWL G/T Yagis Beam Antenna are specialized, 'hot rod' versions of the already high-performance OWL - Optimised Wideband Low impedance Yagi - design. Enhanced for weak signal VHF applications including EME (moonbounce), meteor-scatter and other extreme propagation. 2 meter hentenna 2 meter ssb yagi antenna 2 meter slingshot re-visited design a j pole for any band easy 2 meter ground plane + build a 2 meter 5/4 wave antenna the ll cool j - 2 meters for a song 2 meter collinear by m3fvb new 2 meter copper tubing slim jim by ke5fxu reduced size 2 and 6 meter yagi's 6 meter rotatable delta loo Welcome to 2021 and Advanced Optimized Wideband Antenna Yagi Designs by G4CQM. G4CQM was the original founder of PowAbeam Antennas way back in early 1994, handing over the reins to Roger Banks GW4WND of The DXShop (ready made yagis) and G6HKS Yagi Kits & Parts during 2012.. This Web site contains the official repository of the PowAbeam Antennas yagi designs along with specifications for the.

Antenna Videos 2m/70cm Vertical Dipole Antenna Easy to make, super easy no trim tuning Cubical Quad Antennas Ham Radio 2m Backpack Quad Antenna Coat Hanger / Copper Wire 2 Meter Yagi Antenna 2 Meter Yagi Antenna w/ Gamma Match Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Basic Controlled Impedance Cheap Antennas Kent Britain WASVJB If you're planning to build an EME array, don't use these antennas. But if you want to put together a VHF Rover with less than $500 in the .antennas, read on. The simplified feed uses the structure of the antenna itself for impedance matching. So the desig

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On6mu Uhf 4 6 10 Element Yagi Antenna For 70 Cm. 70cm S Directional Antennas Pg1n Ham Radio Site. Diy Build A 70cm Band Yagi For Satellite Tracking. On6mu Uhf 4 6 10 Element Yagi Antenna For 70 Cm. Duoband Yagi 2m 70cm Ultralight 4 5 Elements. 2m 70cm Dual Band Antenna 144 432 Mhz Yagi. Short Dl6wu Yagi For 23cm Ernest Neijenhuis Pa3hcm Homepage Tape Measure VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna One of the most fun amateur antenna projects is a PVC measuring tape antenna. The flexible measuring tapes make it easy to transport, and the PVC comes apart to make it even easier to carry



A portable 2-element VHF yagi May, 1997 Here's a simple Saturday project: build a portable VHF yagi antenna for 2 meters. All you need is two rabbit ear antennas from Radio Shack, two CATV baluns, four feet of 3/4 CPVC pipe with one tee, and a bit of time. This sketch shows a semi-exploded view of the antenna 2 Meter 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna. 2 Meter 3 Element Tape Measure Yagi Antenna. 2 meter Amateur Radio Band; 2 Meter Antennas-Cheap and Easy! 2 meter coffee can antenna; 2 meter counterpoise. 2 meter FM; 2 Meter Full Wave Loop-The Magic Wand Antenna. 2 meter home brew tape measure yagi antenna. 2 meter HT antenna; 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna Build It is possible to design a dual band antenna using a single driven element in order to avoid the use of a diplexer (note the correct term for this device). On 2 meters, the driven element is ~1/2 λ long and on 70 cm it is ~3/2 λ long. Each band has its own reflector and director elements. An example of a commercial antenna built on this. This is a fairly big 2m Yagi with 13 elements on a six metre boom. It has a gain of 12.74dBd and a clean pattern. That is a pattern which has low side lobes in relation to the main lobe. Now look at Figs.2a and 2b. This is the same basic Yagi with its boom extended to twelve metres in length, elements added as required and the whole subjected.

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Cushcraft 2M/70cm Wideband Yagi Beam Antennas A27010S ( 1 ) Review This Product Antenna, Yagi Beam, 2 Meter/70 cm Wideband, 10 Element, 6.10 ft. Boom Length, 350 W Power Rating, Eac Yagi antenna Yagi antenna theory & calculations Yagi antenna gain & directivity Yagi feed impedance & matching As with any other type of antenna, ensuring that a good match between the feeder and the antenna itself are crucial to ensure the performance of the antenna can be optimised Thank you for your excellent write up on the vhf 3el tape measure yagi. I've read about every article out there on tape measure yagi construction and yours is the best. Our club is interested in Fox Hunting and I've been looking for a good design to have our members build. Think we will use your article To get an idea of the predicted antenna pattern, I used NEC2++ 1.3.1 to analyze the antenna pattern of the antenna and Qantenna 0.2.1 to visualize the results.I probably went a bit overboard and entered the length and diameter of each section of the whips into the NEC file. The Yagi is oriented for horizontal polarization, no ground plane, and a frequency of 146 MHz

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6m 5-Element LFA Yagi Antenna Build this loop fed beam with 11 dBi gain and 23 f/b ratio A never ending quest for the optimum 6m antenna led me to try a Loop Fed Array Yagi1. This design, pioneered by Justin Johnson, G0KSC, claims lower noise and a better 50Ω impedance match than conventional Yagi's by using a loop for the driven element Yagi-Uda antenna gain considerations. There are several features of the design of a Yagi antenna that affect its gain: Number of elements in the Yagi: The most obvious factor that affects the Yagi antenna gain is the number of elements in the antenna. Typically a reflector is the first element added in any Yagi design as this gives the most. Some Quad - Yagi Theory. Although this is a practical construction article and not a theoretical treatise on antenna design, it would violate the spirit of amateur radio to merely present the dimensions and send people racing off to build a new type of antenna without any discussion of its theoretical basis.. The Yagi-Uda antenna with its half-wavelength linear elements was very popular. 6 element 70MHz LFA-ZTR Yagi. 70MHz Yagis (all) £189.95. A 6 element low-noise LFA Yagi. ADD TO CART. Add To Wishlist. Add To Compare. Details. Manufacturers of Innovative Yagi Antennas - home of the LFA Yagi by G0KSC Elk Antennas was started to give the Ham the best Log Periodic antennas with the best gain, directivitiy, and front-to-back ratio possible for the size and price. All products are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with them, return to get your money back! Dual-Band 2M/440L5. Elk 220L6 1.25 Meter Antenna. 220L6 220 MHz Antenna

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2 METER THREE ELEMENT YAGI (Prototype) The 2 meter antenna in picture above is a three element yagi and again it uses John's formula for calculating the length for the DE and REF . @146.0Mhz. The 1st DIR length was calculated by reducing the dimensional length of the DE by . 3%. Remove the shield from the DE about . ¼ inc A 1.6 l-yagi for the IARU-Region 1 2m-band (by DK7ZB). While looking for a good design for a portable, not too big in size, all-purpose-yagi for the 2m-band here in IARU Region 1, I found this antenna in the german magazine 'funk' issue 11/98 Portable 4 element 2m (145 MHz) DL6WU Yagi for SOTA weighing 460 grams (1 lb) Materials: 4 metre length of 3.1 mm aluminium rod (Alucom) 1 metre length of 27 mm PVC water pipe. 2 * plastic end caps. 5 * 25 mm PPR plastic pipe clamps (ebay) 3 to 5 metres of RG58CU Mil Spec Coax. Length is your choice 10dBi - 6 Element OWA Yagi Antenna for 2 Meter band plan. Here is a 6 element yagi my friend and I have built for experimenting with directional antenna. Theoritically the antenna has about 10dBi gain in its main lobe and a good Front-to-Back ratio, a perfect substitute if you don't have means to get the popular V24 Silverthunder antenna

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2m crossed yagi antenna. This 2m yagi uses design data from DK72B's excellent yagi website. The element to boom mounting used here may be of use to some as it does not use any polamid mounting / insulating clamps at a cost of 2 euro each ( this is a 7 el crossed Yagi so twelve clamps would be needed ). The photographs show how the 12mm dia. Arrow Antenna 146 2m 2 meter 4 element Yagi. How to use as a 3 Element This design weighs in at 2.1 ozs., And is predicted to have better than 6 dBd gain! This antenna is for the 2-meter Amateur radio bands and will easily handle 5 watts of the average handy talkie. Materials you will need: 1 Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Arrow shaft. 1 SMA connector. 3 feet of RG174U coaxial cabl

Amateur radio antennasHow to Make a 2 meter J-Pole Antenna with the BuddipoleAntenna Project: 6 ELEMENT DUAL BAND WIRE BEAM FOR 2MTR

BUILD your YAGI ANTENNA ! Following the frequent demands on the topic here is detailed with picture the construction of an Yagi antenna calculated for the FM broadcasting band 88 - 108 MHz. The central frequency used for our calculations is 100MHz. You can extrapolate easily below for others frequency grace to values of diagrams This antenna can do it and even more. Gains have been signal measured against a dipole up to14.5 dbd* on seven element versions with excellent rear rejection. Five element versions have shown about 12.5 dbd*. Nothing seems as rewarding as building your own antenna and getting great reports. Parts and videos are all listed freely 11-Meter Yagi. Seven projects. Here seven bullet-proof yagi, from 3 to 8 elements, from 2.5 to 19 meter boom. Bullet-proof, why? Anything is scaled to 11m from the 10-Meter ARRL project. All are designed with one goal in the mind, to maintain a solid gain and F/B and SWR ratio over the band. So who wants to build one, should better buy the ARRL. Portable lightweight 4-Element 2m DIY Antenna (SOTA) Here is the description of one of the antennas I frequently use during SOTA activations. The antenna is based on a design by DK7ZB and former NUXCOM. It is build from basic materials: Aluminium welding rods with diameter 4 and 3,2 mm from Eba A Yagi-Uda antenna for MURS and 2-meters. The Yagi-Uda (or ``yagi'') antenna is the antenna that one most often associates with a TV antenna on a roof top. The most common form consists of a dipole driven element, a single reflector element, and one or more director elements. Such an arrangement produces a highly directional, high gain antenna

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