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  1. Alaska has an estimated 100,000 glaciers, ranging from tiny cirque glaciers to huge valley glaciers. There are more active glaciers and ice fields in Alaska than in the rest of the inhabited world. The largest glacier is the Malaspina at 850 square miles. Five percent of the state, or 29,000 square miles, is covered by glaciers
  2. g the 49th state to join the union. It has no land bordering states
  3. Alaska has 17 of the 20 highest mountains in North America. Denali, at 20,310 feet, is the tallest mountain in North America. We have a lot of beach front property. Alaska has more than 47,300 miles of shoreline

Facts about the state of Alaska The name Alaska comes from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning The Great Land. Benny Benson designed Alaska's flag in 1926 at age 13. It would become the official state flag upon Alaska's adoption into the Union in 1959 From dog mushing to towns named Chicken, below, you'll find some of my favourite funny, unique, and interesting facts about Alaska. I hope you enjoy them! Save this post on Pinterest for later: 1. Alaska is bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined Alaska is the most popular state for flying in the U.S. One of every 58 Alaskans is a registered pilot, and one out of 59 owns an airplane. Lake Hood in Anchorage is the largest and busiest seaplane base in the world, averaging 234 landings and take-offs per day Alaska was the 49 th state to join the United States of America on January 3, 1959. The state is unofficially nicknamed The Last Frontier, The Land of the Midnight Sun, and the Seward's Icebox. It has a population of 710,000 people, making it the 48 th most populous state Alaska has more coastline than the other 49 states combined. Alaska is also the only state to have coastline on three different seas: Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Bering Sea. 2. The largest salmon caught in Alaska was on the Kenai River by Les Anderson back in 1985, weighing in at a whopping 97.5 lbs

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According to experts, Alaska is the most seismically active state in the U.S. The state is located along the Pacific Ring of Fire and earthquakes here are no surprise. The state also experienced the second-largest earthquake ever recorded, a 9.2 magnitude in 1964 6 Interesting facts about Alaska for Kids? The most northern city of Alaska is Barrow. Notable is the fact that the duration of the polar night and polar day there is almost 3 months. The name Alaska comes from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning «the great land»

General Facts about Alaska. Below is some general info such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other general facts about Alaska that might be interesting to know. Total Population: 710,249. Demonym: Alaskan. Median household income: $73,181. State nickname: The Last Frontier Ten fun facts about Alaska. Fact 1: There is more than three million lakes in Alaska. Fact 2: Dog mushing is the official state sport. The Alaska Legislature adopted it in 1972. Fact 3: Alaska's name is based on the Eskimo word Alakshak meaning great lands or peninsula. Fact 4 Being America's largest and most northern state, Alaska is arguably also the most extraordinary, stunning, wild, and interesting state for travelers. It has been said that when visiting Alaska, you feel as if you have come to a special place quite far away from the world you've known Alaska has the highest concentration of bears (Grizzly, Black and Polar), numbering at 100,000. Alaska's Ethnic Roots: German 16.6%, Alaska Native or American Indian 15.6%, Irish 10.8%, British 9.6%, American 5.7%, Norwegian 4.2%. Alaska has the largest percentage of American Indians of any state Fun Facts about Alaska Wildlife Fun Facts about Alaska Wildlife Alaska is a state that is known for many things, such as long summers, long, cold winters, the Iditarod and a vast expanse of land that is rich in natural resources and wildlife

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More than twice the size of Texas and populated by less than 750,000 people (about half them crowded into the Anchorage metro area), much of Alaska is a frozen, desolate wilderness. Although living in Alaska can be challenging, it is a land of great natural beauty and vast resources Alaska Facts | Interesting Facts about Alaska in English | Alaska Facts for Kids | DotFactsIn this video, we will tell you about Alaska. This video is also f..

Alaska officially became the 49th state on January 3, 1959. Alaska's most important revenue source is the oil and natural gas industry. Alaska accounts for 25% of the oil produced in the United States. The state of Rhode Island could fit into Alaska 425 times. Prudhoe Bay, on the northern Alaskan coast, is North America's largest oil field Before your next cruise vacation to this remote capital, check out these top 10 Juneau, Alaska facts. Juneau, Alaska, has been renamed twice. In 1880, Joe Juneau and Richard Harris were prospecting for gold and came across nuggets as large as beans along Gold Creek in what is now Juneau. A mining camp formed, and within a year, it became a. It was fun, sure, but how much do you really remember about the totem pole and its cultural significance to many indigenous groups? Look no further - here are eight facts about the totem pole. Totem poles from Alaska are carved from cedar, which is rot-resistant and grows in the rainforests (yes, rainforests) in Southeast Alaska During the Boom of the Gold Rush Skagway had a population of around 10,000 people. By June 1898 Skagway was the largest city in Alaska. Today, the year-round population is around 900 people and we can host just over 10,000 people a day Fun Facts About Alaska. Alaska is land worthy of many superlatives. Here we provide you with an interesting collection of some of Alaska's vital statistics that may help satisfy your curiosity and whet your appetite. Name Origin: The name of Alaska comes from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning The Great Land

Find Things to Do, Wildlife Viewing, Glaciers, Day Tours, Hiking and Places to Stay. Explore by Day, Enjoy by Night. Find the Best Blend of Alaska in Anchorage 51 Alaska Facts That Are Interesting To Know. By. Editorial Staff. Last updated on May 13th, 2021. 36. Anchorage has the fifth-busiest air-freight airport in the world in annual tonnage. Alaska has six times as many pilots per capita as the rest of the nation. [39,41] 37. Alaska has an estimated 100,000 glaciers More Quick Interesting Alaska Facts. Now here are more interesting facts about Alaska, presented rapid-fire style. How many of these will surprise you?! 13. The name Alaska comes from the Aleutian word alaxsxaq, meaning mainland or great land. 14 Here are 9 cool facts about Alaska that will make you want to pack your bags. 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are in Alaska, including Denali which is the highest at 20,306 feet above sea level. Dog mushing is Alaska's state sport. It was once the primary mode of transportation

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Alaska is about one-fifth the size of the entire U.S. and is as wide as the contiguous 48 states. In Alaska, there is approximately 1 bear to every 21 people. For you fans of the biggest state in the union, here are 15 fast facts about Alaska. Fast Facts about Alaska: Capital: Juneau; U.S. State Abbreviation: AK; Admission to Statehood: 195 38 Fun, Cool, and Interesting Facts About Alaska! 1. The capital of Alaska is Juneau, and by area, it's bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island. 2. Alaska was admitted into the Union on January 3, 1959, as the 49th state. 3 25 Little-Known Facts About Alaska (The Forgotten State) The fact is, Alaska is one of the most charming states in the United States and its physical beauty is uncanny. Alaska is known as The Last Frontier, Land of the Midnight Sun and The Great Land, so why is it getting the nickname The Forgotten State

If so, think again and review this list of facts about Alaska that you may not know. For those of you trying to impress your friends with incredible amounts of random useless knowledge, drop some of these state facts on them and feel good about your new found knowledge, or just let them know you found it on the Only In Alaska page, your call 5) This may not be too shocking but it is a fun fact, Alaska has never EVER had a recorded temperature over 100 degrees. Joe deSousa | Flickr. 6) The famous musician, Pit Bull, promoted his energy drink by promising to visit the Walmart with the highest amount of sales. Guess what, he ended up on a plane bound for Kodiak, Alaska Interesting fun and facts about Alaska. Home; About . The Great Escape February 19, 2021. Not only are we the Last Frontier, we may be unarguably the last great escape. Think about it; Alaska is the epitome of the great outdoors. Wild, unexplored open spaces. Endless miles of wilderness, untold rivers and streams, glaciers, mountains, and. Interesting Facts About Alaska's Weather. One of the more interesting and challenging aspects of working in Alaska is the weather. Everyone knows that Alaska is a cold place in the winter. However, there are many interesting facts about Alaska's weather that most people do not know There are the legendary grizzly bears, seas teeming with fish, and some of the most distinctive ungulates (that would be hoofed mammals) in the world. But beneath the surface of these world-famous species lie quirky facts and behaviors that add even more wealth to Alaska's natural treasures. 1. Secret Salmo

Facts About Alaska: The Last Frontier You Didn't Know. In recent years, Alaska has attracted the attention of several reality productions, and among the twenty or so reality TV shows to be produced in the 49th state, Alaska: The Last Frontier is one of Discovery Channel's most successful. The show is unique from others such as. The number of people who choose to fly with Alaska Airlines - both business travelers and vacationers - is increasing and this report gives some of the reasons they have made this decision. Facts of Interest You Might Not Know About Alaska Airlines, Newsworthy Information Regarding Alaska Airlines, Alaska Airlines Facts That May Interest Yo Amazing and Interesting Facts about Alaska | Amazing Info, Interesting Facts about Alaska | Amazing Info, Amazing Facts about Alaska | Amazing Info, Facts

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Interesting facts about the Alaska Range. 11 months ago No Comments. Prev Article Next Article . The Alaska Range is a mountain range in the southcentral region of the US state of Alaska. It is a relatively narrow, 650 kilometers (400 miles) long mountain range Amazing, History, Famous Fun Facts About Alaska For Tourists and Kids. Located in the northwest of the North American continent, Alaska is a state of the Americas. America purchased Alaska from the Russian empire on 30 March 1867. In 1959, it became the 49th state of the United States

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1-5 Interesting Facts About Alaska. 1. There was a man so dedicated to April Fools Pranks that in 1974, he flew hundreds of tires into Edgecumbe dormant volcano in Alaska and set them on fire, thereby fooling the local populace, and coast guard into thinking the volcano became active. - Source. 2 28 Fun Facts About Anchorage, Alaska. 1. English explorer Captain James Cook is credited with first exploring and describing the Anchorage area in 1778. 2. The city of Anchorage got its start in 1914 when it was chosen at the site of a railroad-construction port for the Alaska Railroad. 3 10 Outlandish Facts About Alaska. by Mike Devlin. fact checked by Jamie Frater. For those who have never visited, it is nearly impossible to quantify the vastness of Alaska. More than twice the size of Texas and populated by less than 750,000 people (about half them crowded into the Anchorage metro area), much of Alaska is a frozen, desolate.

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Another interesting fact about Juneau: did you know that the city could have been named Harrisburg? Population. According to GeoNames the biggest city in Alaska is Anchorage with a population of over 298, 000. The second biggest city is Juneau (32,756) closely followed by Fairbanks with only about 400 fewer resident Unsurprisingly, some of the most interesting facts about Alaska relate to its size. Not only is Alaska the largest state in the United States, but it's also bigger than Texas, California and Montana combined. Alaska also has more than 34,000 miles of coastline, more than the other 49 states combined Interesting facts about Alaska December 23, 2017 December 23, 2017 admintag Alaska is the northernmost state of the United States. Once this land belonged to Russia, but it was sold, which Russian rulers of those years later regretted when gold deposits were found in Alaska. Alaska is a harsh land with a long winter and an endlessly beautiful.

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25 Fun Facts about Sitka, Alaska. by Janis on September 29, 2016. Sitka, Alaska in 1901. 1. Sitka is Alaska's first and oldest city. The area in Southeast Alaska was originally settled by the Tlingit people more than 10,000 years ago. 2. Today the City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska, encompasses 4,710 square miles, making it the largest city by. Fun & Interesting Facts about Alaska . The official language of Alaska is English. While most of the people speak in English, the other recognized languages are Native North American, Spanish, Yupik, Tagalog and Inupiaq. Alaska's name is based on the Eskimo word Alakshak, meaning great lands or peninsula Here are a few interesting facts I have learned about the city of Fairbanks. 1. Sunrise and sunset are pretty much the same thing. Here in Fairbanks during the winter time the sun is only out for about four to five hours in a day. This mean that the sun rising and sun setting are pretty much the same thing See more at https://didyouknowpets.com/interesting-facts-about-alaskan-sled-dogs/Dog sledding, or sometimes called mushing, is the act of dogs pulling a sl.. Interesting Facts About Easter. The Easter Bunny Legend Began In Germany- the story of the Easter Bunny began in pre-Christian Germany. The hare was considered the symbol of the Pagan Goddess of Spring and Fertility and, as Christianity spread across Europe, Pagan traditions were blended with Christian holidays. Easter Was Named After The Anglo.

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10 Interesting Facts About Mount Denali. Denali is also known as Mount McKinley, and it is the highest mountain in North America. The mountain is located in the Alaska Range, and it is part of the Denali National Park and Preserve. The name Denali is based on the Koyukon word for high or tall. The indigenous Koyukon Athabaskans who inhabit. Lastly, here are a few other fascinating Juneau facts. As you can tell, Juneau offers its own slice of life in The Last Frontier. Juneau is home to roughly 32,000 people as of 2020. That makes it the second-largest city in Alaska, overtaking Fairbanks The Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development 2017 estimate estimates Homer's population at 5,313, a 27% increase over the 2000 Census count. Part of the increase is due to the fact that Homer annexed 4.6 square miles of land in 2002. Land area. 15 square miles of land and 10.5 square miles of water. Location Here are some interesting facts about sled dogs. In fact, mushers from different countries travel to Alaska every year to join the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It takes place every March and is sometimes referred to as the Last Great Race This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake, an event that transformed how geologists view the Earth. Here are 11 interesting facts and figures about this historic.

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Interesting Gulf of Alaska Facts: The shore of the Gulf of Alaska is made up of mountains, tidewater glaciers, and various forests. The largest glaciers of Alaska including the Bering Glacier and the Malaspina Glacier, spill out along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska Fun Facts. Skagway is known as the sunshine capital of southeast Alaska, receiving just 27 inches of precipitation a year. The year-round population of Skagway is 920 residents, which more than doubles in the summer. During the gold rush, Skagway boasted a population of 12,000 Interesting Facts About Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, US. Richa Singh. Mendenhall Glacier is a spectacular 19-km-long ice mass in southeastern Juneau, Alaska, US. Being the most beautiful and easily accessible glacier, Mendenhall is hugely popular amongst tourists Here are 18 Interesting Facts About Moose. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Moose 1. The Soviet Union attempted to domesticate moose for use in a cavalry. - Source 2. The Killer Whale is a natural predator of the moose. - Source 3. In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal for a moose to enter a saloo Kenai Alaska is home to breathtaking scenery and wildlife along with a rich cultural history. Here are 15 of our favorite fun facts about the peninsula

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10 Interesting Facts About Alaska. Unbelievable facts posted a video to playlist Places. April 10 · 10 Interesting Facts About Alaska. Related Videos. 6:08. 10 Creatures Which Almost Look Unreal PT. 2 Seven Awesome Facts About Alaska Salmon Fishing. Some of these Alaska salmon facts may surprise you. 7. Salmon can live to be eight years old. From egg maturity, a salmon can live anywhere between three to eight years old. 6. Salmon is incredibly healthy. Out of a lot of seafood, salmon ranks towards the top as one of the healthiest fish to eat

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Alaska Interesting facts about Alaska Capitol: Juneau Became the 49th state to enter the union on: Jan. 3, 1959 State flower: forget-me-not State bird: willow ptarmigan State song: Alaska's Flag. The smallest one is the Peary caribou. Here are some interesting facts about caribou: Facts about Caribou 1: the range of caribou. If you are interested to know the range of caribou, you can check it in Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, Canadian Rockies, Selkirk Mountains and Nunavut. Facts about Caribou 2: the habita Fun Facts About the 50 States: Alaska Posted by Harvey on 19 May 2012, 7:00 am Welcome to Fun Facts About the 50 States, where - week by week - I'll be taking you on a tour around this great nation of ours, providing you with interesting, yet completely useless and probably untrue, information about each of the 50 states

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Alaska Purchase, acquisition in 1867 by the U.S. from Russia of 586,412 square miles of land at the northwestern tip of the North American continent, comprising the current U.S. state of Alaska. The $7.2 million purchase was orchestrated by U.S. Secretary of State William Seward and branded 'Seward's Folly. 10 Facts about Utqiagvik. Utqiagvik is the northernmost city in the United States and the ninth northernmost city in the world. It is 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle. When the sun sets here on Nov. 18 or 19, it doesn't rise again for 65 days. Utqiagvik is not connected by road to the rest of Alaska, even though it is the economic center. 10 Interesting Facts About Alaska. Unbelievable facts posted a video to playlist Places. April 10 · 10 Interesting Facts About Alaska. Related Videos. 6:08. 10 Creatures Which Almost Look Unreal PT. 2 Interesting Alaska Facts: Alaska has the longest coastline of any U.S. state, and it is longer than all the coastline of all the U.S. states combined. Alaska is not included in the reference 'the lower 48', which means it is not part of the contiguous U.S. Alaska's capital city is Juneau. Alaska is two times as large as Texas Interesting Facts About Alaska. interesting facts (Interesting Fact) A reference to the fire side of Hailfire Peaks was made by Gobi in Banjo-Kazooie (when you meet him at Click Clock Woods). (Interesting Fact(s)) It is estimated that enough straw is incinerated each year in the U.S. to build 5 million 2000 square foot homes

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