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A male Black Mouth Cur Lab mix stands between 18 and 25 inches in height while a female stands between 16 and 23 inches. However, because they are a mixed breed, it's important to note their size and build can vary greatly The size of a blackface cur lab mix Since the Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix and the Labrador Retriever are two big dogs, the mix of the two breeds is also great. These dogs typically have a length of 16 to 25 inches. By weight, a Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix is ​​usually somewhere between 40 and 95 pounds The Cur Lab Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Cur and the Labrador Retriever. These are both kind and sweet dogs, most of the time. We will touch on both the Mountain Cur Lab mix, as well as the Black Mouth Cur Lab mixContinue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Cur Lab Mix. Note that this hybrid can consist of the black lab, yellow lab.

A Catahoula Black Mouth Cur mix will probably produce a hunting dog similar to both breeds. A mix that includes two very different parents, on the other hand, like a Black Mouth Cur Labrador mix, could yield offspring that are somewhere in the middle in size, appearance, and temperament That said, as a mix between Boxer and Labrador Retriever parents, you can expect Boxadors to be in the medium to large category. Most weigh in at 50 to 110 pounds and range in height from 23 to 25. She should stand 21 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm) and he, 22 to 29 inches (56 to 74 cm) 8. Spanador (Labrador Retriever X Cocker Spaniel) Pinterest. The Spanador is pretty special: It is a combination of the two most popular breeds of all time. Labs have held the #1 spot since 1991, but the cocker spaniel has sat atop the popularity pyramid in 23 different years since the 1940s Labahoula Basics. Talk about a match made in designer dog heaven. The Labahoula is an energetic and people-oriented dog that combines the gentle nature of the Labrador Retriever with the physical agility of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.This sweet natured boy is quick to consider himself a part of the family and absolutely loves to spend time with his human pack

Among the mixes, the mountain cur and lab mix is a much sought-after cross breed. Exceptionally, the mountain cur, unlike other hounds, is extremely possessive and protective of its family, which is a characteristic found often in terriers and shepherds. A dew claw, acting as its fifth toe, is always present in an original and well-bred. 74. 239581. The German Shepherd Lab mix, or Sheprador, is a cross between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Labrador Retriever. The Sheprador stands at an average of 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 80 pounds when fully grown. While the German Shepherd dog is prone to some unfortunate health issues, it is thought that the general good. In the novel Old Yeller, the titular dog is a Black Mouth Cur, though the dog who played Old Yeller in the 1957 film adaptation was a Labrador Retriever and Mastiff mix named Spike. Histor Size: Typical Boxador size is 22 to 26 inches at the shoulders in height. Fully grown Boxador males are usually quite a bit larger and weigh 75 to 110 pounds; females weigh 50 to 70 pounds. Proportion: The body in profile is square in that a horizontal line from the front of the fore chest to the rear projection of the upper thigh should equal the length of a vertical line dropped from the top. Although this is basically a purebred dog, in the recent times, black mouth cur mixes have also been introduced by the breeders like the black mouth cur-pitbull mix, the black mouth cur-lab mix etc. A black mouth cur named 'Old Yeller' is the protagonist in the 1956 children's novel of the same name written by Fred Gipson

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A hardy, strong-willed and powerful hybrid dog breed, the Labahoula is dog breed that is a mix of the Labrador Retriever and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.These dog breeds are known for their distinctive leopard-like spotted pattern, and bright eyes that may often be heterochromatic (varying color) Pete is a CUR/lab mix pup born 04/09/21 and approx. 20 lbs. We expect him to be around 50 lbs as an adult. He is a typical puppy, loves to play and explore as well as spend time with people and cuddles. He is doing really well on his house training but adopter will need to continue his training

Their coat is usually short and dense, and it retains water-repelling properties in most cases. The Catahoula Lab mix can weigh between 55 and 95 pounds (25-43 kilograms) and grow up to 21 to 26 inches (53-66 centimeters) Black Mouth Cur size can vary depending on its height and breeding factors. The male can weigh around 90 pounds and 25 inches tall and the female around 80 pounds and 23 inches tall. Affection Level (5/5) BMC's are work dogs Litter Size. About 3 to 8 puppies. Grooming. Texas and a dog, for which the book is named, is a typical Mountain Cur (unlike the movie, which starred a dog of Lab type). In the book, Old Yeller is a shorthaired, yellow bobtailed dog that hunts and trees, isn't afraid to fight a full-grown bear when it is threatened, and naturally goes for. date: 21.06.2012 AUTHOR: gasstiga lab catahoula mix size jud the Labrador Retriever / Catahoula Leopard Dog| DailyPuppy.com Size:. Prancer is a big beautiful 70lb lab/catahoula mix who was rescued from a high-kill shelter. I have a full grown Black Lab who is very intelligent and have never owned a Catahoula..

Litters of this dog are often quite large, ranging from between 3 to 12 Black Mouth Cur puppies.. For one of these super-smart working dogs you should expect to pay between $300-500 USD. If you are looking for a puppy, you may notice these dogs are commonly labelled as hunting or herding bloodlines It has everything to do with his personality - he is 100% puppy and loves to play. He is about 2 1/2 months old and is weighing in at 8 lbs. We believe he is a Lab/Cure mix. Sweet pup, very outgoing, right now it is all about play for him. He does great with everyone. We anticipate he will end up in the medium size range when full grown Height & Weight. Black Mouth Cur size ranges from 16 to 25 inches (40 to 64 cm) tall with an average weight of 45 to 95 pounds (20 to 43 kg). The male Black Mouth Curs tend to be larger than the females. If your dog has been bred to be a herding dog on a farm, then typically your dog could weigh up to 100 pounds

Information and Pictures. This is our Labahoula puppy named Jersey. Her mother is a yellow Labrador and her father is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. In this photo she is 10 weeks old. She is a very quick student. At 10 weeks she learned how to sit, shake paw and lie down. At 16 weeks she learned to ring the bells hanging on the door when. Mountain Curs are a social breed. Treeing Tennessee Brindles are a social breed. Barking. Low: The Mountain Cur barks none to minimal. Low: The Treeing Tennessee Brindle barks none to minimal. Watchdog Ability. Mountain Curs are one of the best watchdogs. Treeing Tennessee Brindles are good watchdogs. Territorial Mar 2, 2018 - Welcome to our complete guide to the Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix. This is a new type of dog resulting from the inter-breeding of a Black Mouth Cur and a Labrador Retriever. We will take an in-depth look at what you can expect from a cross of these two delightfully characteristic breeds The first crossbreed is the mix between the Labrador and Australian Kelpie, or shortly, Kelpador. This breed can either look like the lab or his other parent, the Kelpie. Both parents are large, so the mix is a large dog with lots of energy. Like a lab, expect an affectionate pooch with a deep desire for attention and human company As can be seen in the table above, a full-grown Labrador Retriever is somewhere between 21.5 and 24.5 inches and will weigh around 50-80 lbs, depending on variations in their breed type and sex. Labradors usually get to half their full weight between 4.5 and 6 months, and their adult weight between 12.5-16 months

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  1. March 31, 2021. 5. 126362. The Mastiff Lab mix is also known as a Mastador. This cross combines a purebred Labrador Retriever with a Mastiff. Usually, the Bullmastiff breed is used, but some breeders use the English Mastiff in this mix. The Mastador mix will be loyal, large, and relaxed, as long as puppies are socialized well
  2. Catahoula Leopard Dog Size. Weight of an adult Catahoulas Cur is 55 - 80 pounds (16 - 37 kg), while the height is 22 - 26 inches (56 - 58 cm )in Males and 20 - 24 inches (51 - 61 cm) in the Females. The dog's weight is adjusted with height
  3. The friendly, faithful Labrador Retriever has long been the number one choice of family pet for many American families and currently occupies the #1 slot on the American Kennel Club's breed popularity chart.That's why the creating a Labrador Retriever mix became extremely popular during the creation of designer breeds in the 1980s
  4. Labrador Retriever Basics. Some dog breeds need to be sold to potential dog owners as they might not be familiar with the intricacies of what makes those particular pups special. Other breeds are so legendary that the name is a selling point in and of itself. Enter the Labrador Retriever. The reputation of this beloved breed speaks for itself
  5. The Mountain Cur's adult size can vary from medium to large. The males can grow to 18 to 26 inches (46 to 66 cm) tall, while the females can be 16 to 24 inches (41 to 61 cm) in weight. The average weight for male and female dogs of this breed can be anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds (14 to 27 kilograms)
  6. Otter hound. Rottweiler. St. Bernard. XXL crates suit giant breeds that weigh from 90 lbs up to 150 lbs, from 46 to 68 inches from nose to base of tail and up to 44 inches from floor to top of head when sitting. Extra, extra large dog crate (kennel) around 48 inches is best for dogs between 90 to 100 pounds
  7. Birdie is a very sweet and affectionate Retriever Black Mouth cur mix. She is a 1 yr old and 37 lb. Jazzabell is a lab mix about 3.5 months old and 20ish pounds. 7 puppies were found alive and abandoned with more. Oliver is a sweet and loving playful guy he is around 4 to 5 months old and he will be a medium size dog when grown

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  1. 10-12 years. Colors. Black, Brown, White, Brindle. Suitable for. Large, active families. Temperament. Active, Friendly, People-Pleasing. Also known as a Boxador, the Boxer Lab mix is not a purebred dog. They inherit traits from both parents, which can make predicting their temperament and appearance a bit difficult
  2. The Mountain Cur is a hunting dog with a good treeing instinct. It is a very courageous fighter and extremely intelligent, doing whatever job its master desires. The dogs were a crucial part of.
  3. The Labrador Kelpie is said by some owners to be a robust dog with few health issues. Other Lab Kelpie owners, however, make other claims. As there is no standard an there may be other types of dogs that got unknowingly into the mix, your Kelpie x Lab might have few, some, or many problems found in either or both breeds (or others that are common in Kelpie crosses)
  4. Simple answer is to find the average. If your puppy is in-between two weights for his age then you can find the average of the two. E.g. if your puppy is 5.5 lbs at 16 weeks then he will be inbetween 16.3 and 19.5lbs as an adult or, to be more accurate, the average is 16.3 + 19.5 divided by 2 = 17.9 lbs as an adult
  5. Jethro - Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for Sale in Sugarcreek, OH. Male. $399. Candy - Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for Sale in Canajoharie, NY. Female. $500. $795. Catherine - Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy for Sale in Canajoharie, NY. Female

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Mountain Cur Size: The Mountain Cur dog is a medium-sized rustic and rugged dog slightly longer than a tall body that gives it a square-shaped appearance. The weight is usually between 30 and 60 pounds, and height is 18 to 26 inches for males and females 18 to 24 inches The average litter size for the Black Mouth Cur is between 5 and 10. Puppy training is one of the most important learning parts of any dog breed. Being smart and intelligent the black mouth cur puppies are easy to train and respond well. the black mouth cur-lab mix etc Catahoula Lab Mix - Puppy Grooming, Socialization, Pictures. Catahoula Lab Mix is a cross between Labrador Retrievers and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs. After this, Labahoula starts to be a popular dog breed. The mix includes features and characters coming from both of its origins

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Fully-grown Labrador Retrievers tend to stand 22-25 inches tall and weigh 55-80 pounds. The other parent can have a big effect on this, especially if they are the mother. Although it's not a guarantee, you can meet the dam in person to get an idea of what size to expect in a Labrador Mix. Labs generally live for 10-14 years Boxer Lab mix is certainly the most neutral and the name to pop into search engines whenever you require reliable information about your dog. Their litters are an average size in the dog world: A Boxador parent typically carries between 4-8 pups per litter Catahoula Leopard Dog Breed - Gone in 60 Secs (OR LESS) Report this Ad. 60 minutes of daily moderate-to-strenuous exercise is recommended. If you live in an apartment, the Catahoula is probably not your best choice; he is likely to do best in rural settings. Catahoulas are large, rugged dogs. They were bred to work in swamps and forests Black mouth cur and labrador retriever mix tan and black neutered male aspen 2 years pit bull terrier and french bulldog mix white and brindle neutered male ginger 4 years australian treeing tennessee brindles are dog friendly dogs. Solid white and piebald colors are not allowed in black mouth curs which in rare occasions may appear in a litter.

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I am a pint size Husky weighing in at only 47 lbs.! I am. Read more » Kai is a 4-month-old male Collie/Lab mix weighing approximately 14 pounds.ه%A0 He is shy at first but then a frisky. Black Mouth Cur mix. Leon County, Tallahassee, FL ID: 21-07-26-00424 @nahomes. As mentioned above the Feist dog may only grow to around 18 inches (45.7 cm) in height and can weigh up to 20 lbs (9 kg), but they are muscular and agile.. Besides their smaller stature, these dogs don't have much consistency to their looks.Their genetic makeup is a muddled mix that comes from the Jack Russell Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, Manchester Terrier and the White English.

German Shepherd Lab Mix is a cross of a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever, also known as German Sheprador or Labrashepherd. It's a medium to large dog at about 22 to 26 inches tall, weighing between 55 to 80 pounds. The lifespan of this mixed breed is around 10 to 14 years The Borgi mixes the Border Collie and the Corgi. Breeds: Border Collie & Corgi. The Borgi will measure between 10 to 21 inches tall and weigh between 30 to 40 pounds, and be a medium sized breed. He will usually take the long and squat body shape of the Corgi, but with the Collie coat and coloring, and his large ears and cheeky smile will be his signature features Catahoula Blue Heeler Mix Size Both of their parents are medium-sized dog breeds with completely means that a Catahoula Blue Heeler Mix is also going to be a medium-sized dog breed. So, we learn that a Blue Heeler Catahoula Mix can either come in a single or double coat on its body with their parents color combination and is likely to be a.

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10 month old rescue pup Annie's parents were a lady and the tramp - a purebred Lab and a Mountain Cur mix! She is 100% good dog With the inheritance of good characteristics from both parents, Catahoula Lab Mix is a prominent hybrid dog with a healthy body and a protective nature. Since the 1980s, they have been loved by many pet owners. What about other great traits? Let's find out Parents: Welsh Corgi x Blue Heeler mix. via Instagram: @cooch.the.pooch. A Corgi Cattle Dog is a wonderful blend of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Cattle Dog. This heeler mix is another herding powerhouse, combing two of the best in the business. They may be relatively small, but they're just as spirited

The cost to buy a Black Mouth Cur varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Black Mouth Cur puppies for sale sell for below We have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator on the web with over 450 dog breed calculation formulas! Mixed breeds, too! Get an instant, mathematical estimate of how big your puppy will get. Our puppy weight calculator estimates the adult weight of your pup based on his current age, weight, and breed Border Collie Lab Mix. The Borador is a medium to large sized dog that results from a Border Collie and Labrador Retriever breeding. She is a happy and clever dog known for her participation in a variety of activities like competitive obedience, agility, drug detection, search and rescue, main trailing and police work

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24 of 34. 21-05-26-00392 D026 Jack (m) (male) Black Mouth Cur mix. Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, FL ID: 21-05-26-00392. 21-05-26-00392 D026 Jack (m) (male) ID: 21-05-26-00392. Black Mouth Cur mix. Happy Jack (as we like to call him) is a very special boy and deserves an extra special human The Black Lab Whippet mix has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. One of the things we love about Whippets is that they are primarily healthy dogs with very little genetic health concerns outside of arrhythmia. Also, due to their thin, lean bodies and short coats, they can be sensitive to severe climates

Brody - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Honey Brook, PA. Male. $500. Rachel - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Rockville, IN. Female. $195. $300. Ray - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Rockville, IN. Male Catahoula-great Dane mix dogs are generally known for their speckled coats and sociability--but these traits are just the beginning of the positive traits you'll possibly get with this large mixed breed. Mixed breeds tend to get their physical and personality traits from both breeds, but if you want to predict what your catahoula Dane puppy's. The Black Mouth Cur is a medium to large sized, athletic, muscular breed of dog. The breed varies considerably in height, typically standing between 16 and 25 inches (41 and 64 cm) with individual dogs known to reach 28 inches (71 cm), the breed standard mandates a minimum height of 18 inches (46 cm) for dogs and 16 inches for bitches Onyx our Doberman Labrador mix. Found at a park, he was skin and bones when we took him in. 1. Labrotties (Labrador/Rottweiler) Weight - 70-110 pounds. Height - 20-27 inches (A large dog on the large dog breed list.) Lifespan - 10-12 years. Exercise - 30-45 minutes of walking, running, playing. Training - Start early and it will save. Labs are quite a bit taller than Amstaffs. Male labs can reach about 55-57 cm in height, female - 54-56 cm. American Staffordshire Terrier Lab Mix may inherit the above physical traits in any combinations. In terms of size, they are normally closer to Amstaffs (a little shorter and lighter than Labradors)

To determine the correct Cratewear size for your dog crate bed, all you need to do is simply measure the length of the crate from front to back and refer to our size guide. It's that easy! Please Note: The X-Small crates vary from 18-22 in length. Our X-Small Cratewear was made to fit the 18 crate, which is more proportionate The Labrador Retriever is by far the most popular dog breed. Their friendly, loving, loyal personalities make them the perfect family dog. Labs are known for preferring to be active with their pack, whether that means going for a run or heading out on a weekend camping trip. Labradors are easygoing dogs, but don't mistake 6 Best Harnesses for Labrador Retrievers in 2021 Read More Then the adult weight 'W' is represented by the function W=W (a,w) in pounds given by following formula: W= 52 (w/a) Alternatively, you can also multiply your puppy's height at six months by 100 and divide the answer you get by 75. This is a fairly accurate estimate to tell how big your mutt will get I would like to intruduce Denver the :'Velcor' pup. He is a 6 months old Lab/Mix and 25 lbs. He was owner. He is a medium size wire haired terrier. He is a charater. He is up for any Black Mouth Cur mix. Monroe County, Tomah, WI ID: 21-06-04-00245 The Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog breed is a medium size Cur. The Treeing Tennessee Brindle's coat is short, dense and soft. The breed can be either brindle or black with a brindle trim. Sometimes they may have small white markings on the chest and feet. The feet are round and well arched

More: Catahoula Mix. Catahoula leopard Dog Size. WAn adult males stand 22 to 26 inches high and weigh as much as 90 pounds. Adult females are almost 20 to 24 inches and weigh between 50 and 70 pounds Black Mouth Cur Mix: The black mouth cur dog breed is mixed with other breed that is why their size, color and temperament are different. Black mouth cur Catahoula mix is a popular mix breed produced with black mouth cur dog and similar breed. The black mouth cur shepherd mix is also a well-known breed that is efficient in working and hunting mountain cur pups between eight and 12 weeks old need four bowls of food in a twenty-four hour period. Feed mountain cur pups 3 to 6 months old 3 meals in a day. Feed puppies 6 months old to one year 2 meals every 24 hours. By the time the mountain cur reaches his or her 1st birthday, one meal daily is all that's required

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Sieve mesh sizes are based on dimensions of the mesh size opening, or on the number of openings per linear inch. The two major standards governing test sieves and appropriate sizes are ASTM E11 and ISO 565/3310-1, both of which specify parameters for aperture dimensions, mesh size, and statistical variations. Opening sizes and mesh diameters for test sieves are often duplicated between these. Breed Weight Male Weight Female Affenpinschers 7-10 pounds 7-10 pounds Afghan Hounds 50-60 pounds 50-60 pounds Airedale Terriers 50-70 pounds 50-70 pound Danya is a 3.5 month old Lab mix. She weighs about 16 pounds now and will likely grow to a medium size adult. She is a sweet girl who, like a typical puppy, likes to play and is learning her house manners. She is a friendly girl who gets along great with everyone Golden Retriever Black Lab mix puppies for sale come in different colors and sizes. They are bred to be docile, loving companions. The Lab is a very athletic breed of dog with long and sleek limbs, but they have the same quick temper problems that other large breeds have. Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty and are valued members of. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed named after Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.It became the state dog of Louisiana in 1979. It is recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) under the name Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, and Catahoula Leopard Dog in the American Kennel Club (AKC) Foundation Stock Service.Both registries have assigned the breed a herding group designation

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28. Doxie Chin. This designer dog breed is a mix between the regality of the Japanese Chin and the iconic (short and long) stature of a Dachshund. The result is a wonderful blend of affection, loyalty, intelligence and playfulness. This breed can be adaptable and will assimilate well in either house or apartment life To compare, a German Shepherd tends to be between 30 and 40kg for males, and 22 to 32kg for females. A Black Mouth Cur male can be anywhere from 40 to 95 pounds, with a female weighing between 35 and 80 pounds. The vast range in weight for the Black Mouth Cur makes it difficult to pinpoint how large a Shepherd Cur mix could get Tags: American Pit Bull Terrier-Unknown Mix Dogs for adoption in Fort Wayne, IN, USA Mountain Cur-Unknown Mix Dog for Adoption near Indiana, Columbus, USA. ADN-750743 Find a Pet. Looking for a new furry pal? Enter your location and a distance you are willing to travel (plus any other search criteria) to find animals in need of new homes

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Adopt Macha a Labrador Retriever, Mountain Cur Labrador Retriever · Medfield, MA Macha is a 14-week-old, 15-20 pound Lab/Cur/Terrier mix puppy who was found as a stray Givens Blackmouth Curs, Monroe. 1,597 likes · 96 talking about this. Licensed with Georgia Department of Agriculture. Black Mouth Curs for tracking & Recovery (blood trail) dog, farm dog and much.. Black Mouth Cur mix. Highlands County, Sebring, FL ID: 21-03-08-00402. Woof! I'm Emmy Lou! I was too much for my owner!! I am 3 years old and weigh 51 lbs. I am extremely high energy and Generally, larger dogs take longer to reach their adult weight. Small dogs will be almost fully grown at around 10 months old, while really big dogs will continue to grow until around one and a half years old. The food your puppy is eating is very important for it to grow. Make sure you're giving your puppy a balanced diet with all needed. Fun Facts. While the average dog speed is 20 mph, a mountain cur can run up to 26 mph. In the 1940s, the breed was on the verge of extinction as many men went to fight in World War II or left country life for the cities. The number of mountain curs started to dwindle

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The Black Mouth Cur, named for his square black muzzle, is a short-haired ranch dog with a sweet personality. A jack of all trades, the Black Mouth Cur is a utility dog often used for hunting, herding, and other jobs. He became popular with early American settlers in need of help on their farms and ranches Catahoula Leopard Dog Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. There are 5 Catahoula puppies for sale. $300 for males and $400 for females (1). The only male is Black and Tan. Parents are seen in full br... May 7, 2021 Find Black Mouth Curs for Sale in Ocala, FL on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood What is the size of a full-grown German shepherd? An adult male German Shepherd is typically 24 to 26 inches tall, while adult female German Shepherds are 22 to 24 inches tall, according to the American Kennel Club German Shepherd Standard. The estimated full-size varies significantly between sexes

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All About the Mountain Feist Dog, its temperament and more! The Mountain Feist dog is a sleek, compact canine that has a handsome profile and short coat. The average example of the breed stands 10 to 22 inches tall. The ears are pointed and can be upright or folded over. As Mountain Feist puppies grow into adults, their muscular shape becomes. Since, both the parents are almost of the same height and size, the difference would be hardly noticeable. Because this breed takes more after their Pit Bull parent in physical traits, you can expect a Pitbull Border Collie to grow up to 50-62 pounds and reach about 30 to 35 inches in height. Pitbull Border Collie Mix: Training, Grooming, and Car The name was changed from Catahoula Cur to Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog when they became the State Dog of Louisiana. What is the average size of a Catahoula adult? On the average, males are 24 inches at the withers and weigh 65-75 lbs. Females will average 22 inches and weigh 55-65 lbs I have a lab/Pitt mix, and 2 other dogs a chiuahuah, and a beagle. And they all get along well, the only one who ever has a temperment problem is my little ciuahuah she thinks she's a Great Dane and tries to pick on the other big dogs. My lab/pitt mix is an awesome well behaved lovable sweetie. Answer by val The other parent breed in the mix could result in a lower or higher activity level. Talking to the breeder about the other parent breed can give you a better idea of what range to expect in a Bernese Mountain Dog Mix. A Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog breed that stands about 23-28 inches tall and weighs 80-110 pounds when they are fully-grown Labrador Retriever. Male: 65-80 lb; Female: 55-70 lb. Laekenois. 55-65 lb. Lakeland Terrier. About 16-17 lb. Lancashire Heeler. 6-13 lb. Lhasa Apso. 13-15 lb. Löwchen. 8-18 lb. Maltese. 4-7 lb. Maltipoo. 5-20 lb. Manchester Terrier. under 12 lb (usually 6-8 lb) Maremma Sheepdogs. 66-100 lb. Mastiff. 175-190 lb. Miniature Bull Terrier. 25-33 lb.