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An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a mobile plan from M1 without having to use a physical nano-SIM. Your device can use one number at any one time. If you wish to change your existing physical SIM to an eSIM, you may do so at any M1 Shops or call in to 1627 for assistance Virtual sim is a service where you can turn your own sim card into the virtual solution for calls. How virtual sim card works in few words. Basically you get specific modem for your sim card and insert your sim into it. Then you install our app and can travel around the world but without your sim at all, in this time your sim card will be in.

Free SIM card self collection or $12 SIM Card delivery fee: Zero1 SIM Only 6u: $9.90 (U.P $13.90)* 6GB to Unlimited data at slower speeds: $1.65: 500 | 20: Promo price until 30 April 2021 For 6 months (first 3 months are free) $10.70 registration fee applies: TPG (50GB) $10: 50GB + 50GB* $0.20 ($0.10 promo price) 300 | 30 Unlimited Mobile to. Read Also: [2019 Edition] Complete Guide To Prepaid SIM Plans In Singapore Observations For Users With Basic To Moderate Data Needs. For those who want to spend the absolute minimum on their SIM-Only Plans, redONE's Amazing8 and VIVIFI's Lite would be the two top contenders, at $8 and $8.80, respectively. For that price, you get 3GB of data, free caller ID, and a decent amount of talktime

Since it is the most important provider in Singapore, it offers many options to choose from. Let's take a look of the prepaid SIM cards offered by SingTel: hi! SIM card 1: $8. 5 GB for 30 days. hi! SIM card 2: $15. 3GB for 120 days: 1GB (anytime) / 2GB (12am to 8am) Virtual Phone Numbers . Without the need for an extra SIM card, get a second number. from more than 80 countries for your phone using Numero eSIM. You don't have to hold another phone with you around! Get the privileges of a second phone number for your. business, customer support, travel, online dating and more. Get Your Virtual Numbe Visitors can use free virtual SIM to receive messages. Get one-time options and SIM's for rent. Select proxies to activate free options. The testing option is available for free. There are other ways to use a virtual SMS number. Dispоsable services are available from $0.02 for one item. It is less than the competition

You can use our virtual phone numbers to receive SMS online for FREE and without registration on the site. Online SIM card receives text messages from anyone, except SMS from payment systems! Also you can get repeat SMS on the same phone number. Update incoming SMS by pressing . To buy a private virtual phone number register Forget about those dual sim card adapters for iPhone, this virtual number app is a better solution. The advantage is, both numbers run continuously, whereas the adapter can only have 1 sim card activated at a time. The other advantage is these numbers are disposable, just sign up for a new number once the old number receives too many spam calls 2. SELF-ACTIVATION. Optus SIM Cards can be activated using NON-AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT WITH VALID AUSTRALIAN VISA after successfully passing through immigration in Australia. You do not need to find an Internet connection to activate the SIM, simply plug in the SIM Card and follow the registration process 300 mins. 300 SMS. No Contract. TPG Mobile SIM-only mobile data plans. TPG Mobile provides the cheapest sim-only mobile data plans at $0.20/ GB, for a whooping 50 GB at only $10/month. However, many seedly reviewers have noted that TPG mobile has abysmal network connection underground and rather unresponsive customer service

Simply to your account, click on 'My Numbers' and add a virtual number to your WorldSIM. If you need assistance we are here to help 24 hours a day. Your WorldSIM SIM Card comes as standard with a UK (+44) and a USA (+1) phone number, then you can choose to add more phone numbers from over 50 countries With virtual sim the whole process of changing operator, domestic or foreign, is completed by software actions (through apps and phone settings) without the user having to physically manipulate either the SIM card or mobile parts of the phone. Advantages of virtual SIM cards For the client. There goes the plastic The virtual phone number to receive SMS for free is available for every visitor of this site. In the base, we have lots of the real and active SIM-cards mobile operator. The phone numbers are available for the client only online - when you visit and use the site, so that is the only reason why it is called virtual Two suppliers of these virtual SIM cards - Singapore-based Interfone and Taiwan-based Taisys Technologies - have emerged in the past year, touting more convenience to jet-setters. These solutions.


Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement iQsim's Virtual SIM technology brings flexibility to M2M/iOT networks deployment for vehicle fleets, Smart City, Transportation applications by adding the capability to change on-demandy SIM card allocated to a Mobile device. The solution is based on 3 components: IRON Suite software infrastructure, which manages devices and SIM cards The pocket wifi uses a virtual SIM technology to allow seamless connectivity all over the world. Compared to the old practice of using SIM cards, a SIM card is only good for one person to use, while on the other hand our Yogofi device can be shared with up to 5 people, ensuring maximum friendliness and compatibility for families or travel groups and business travellers that carry several.

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SMS-Receive.net is a new website that contains virtual phone numbers and real phone numbers stored on the SIM cards. The website provides users a free service with public phone numbers where you can receive SMS online on various social websites, forums and applications such as: NAVERLINE, Yahoo, Microsoft, serverloft, CloudSigma, Facebook. The virtual SIM tech pocket Wi-Fi circumvents overpriced roaming agreements and lets consumers connect at local wholesale rates. Imagine having to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot in a foreign land just so you could send an urgent E-mail. Or not being contactable by customers as you have just switched SIM cards in your single-SIM handset If I can find a good company I'd like to potentially port my existing UK mobile number in to save me having to change all my accounts etc. I'd use it mainly for 2FA and the odd call from friends/family in the UK. As these virtual sims are used via an App I could then have my Thai SIM card on my phone for local use. Thanks International SIM card Drimsim means affordable mobile data in Singapore at relatively same prices as with local providers. You do not have to buy a tourist SIM card to go to Singapore. Affordable data, calls and SMS will be available as soon as you arrive

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Discover and buy prepaid travel eSIMs for USA, Japan, China, Europe and hundreds of countries from MobiMatter, the best international travel eSIM provider for tourists uCloudlink phones let users start surfing out of the box with virtual SIM card. Started in June 2008 by technology journalists and ex-journalists in Singapore who share a common love for all things geeky and digital, the site now includes segments on personal computing, enterprise IT and Internet culture. two phones that let users surf. Singapore telco has begun issuing SIM cards that are compatible with 5G standalone networks, which it is currently rolling out in locations across the island including a couple of indoor sites. buy Vi ™ prepaid SIM card online. Order a new prepaid SIM card online and get the 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep in a jiffy. Choose from our unlimited packs and enjoy seamless network connectivity. Standard, Micro and Nano Prepaid SIMs are available as per your requirement for new prepaid connection

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  1. Circles.Life is the first mobile virtual network operator to launch in Singapore. They are also the region's first fully digital telco that specialises in offering no-contract SIM-only mobile plans. Circles.Life believes in giving power to the people, so you can expect their telco experience to be #1 in Singapore
  2. Have a virtual phone number anywhere. Have your own virtual phone number in any city or country worldwide. Showing a local number to visitors at your web site increases trust and sales. The number is free if you also use our free chat function at your website. Otherwise prices start at $1.79/month
  3. Buy virtual numbers using Telegram bot. One-click registration; No restrictions for buying different types of numbers (landline, mobile, SMS number, toll-free, fax) Bind your SIM card to receive calls using Telegram; Receive and view SMS from services (Facebook, Steam, Gmail, Tinder, etc.) Support via Telegram chatbo
  4. utes directly from the app. Travel the world with a unique flat mobile data tariff, and take advantage of unlimited global data plans in Europe, Asia, USA, and Middle East
  5. Keepgo is a leading developer of global connectivity solutions for IoT, M2M, and broadband devices. Utilizing physical SIM cards and virtual SIM card specifications, Keepgo solutions connect hundreds of thousands of devices to 500+ cellular networks in 150+ countries
  6. With the dual SIM Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10 LTE, and Note10+ LTE models, you can use two SIM cards at the same time. With the Galaxy Z Flip dual SIM model, you can use one Nano SIM card along with one eSIM. Whether you want separate numbers for work and home or you need a local number while keeping your original line open when in a.

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iQsim's Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage over the cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices, which facilitate sharing SIM cards across. 01. Connect the world. with Voopee Number. Voopee serves with a Real Malaysian Mobile Number to keeps you connect with the world.Keep in touch with anyone, anywhere, anytime at Malaysia rate. GET MY VOOPEE NUMBER Hong Kong roaming service provider uCloudlink has unveiled two phones that let users surf cheaply across more than 100 countries by connecting to multiple networks using a virtual SIM card. Unlike typical smartphones today, they do not need a physical SIM card offered by a telecom operator Buy Now. Dialling Instructions: To call India: +91 followed by Indian mobile number or 0091 followed by mobile number. To call within Europe: Just add 0 before actual mobile number. For example to make call on 8939446699 simply dial +91 8939446699 or +0091 8939446699. Data Web Settings

Unlike most cell phones, which require a SIM card to connect to local networks, Tep has a bank of virtual SIM cards it can draw on for connectivity. This is known as virtual SIM technology, and makes travelling between countries and cities seamless for the user. 6 Star Service in Singapore at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore . 11 March. You can buy your Brazilian tourist sim card when you arrive in Brazil international airport or at the small gift shop inside the airports. I would recommend to buy outside because prices tend to be higher at the airport compared to the stores in town. GETTING BRAZIL PREPAID SIM CARD IN THE AIRPORT. Getting a Brazilian sim card is simple and easy

One of the most common options for tourists is the Taiwan 4G/LTE SIM card for NT$300 (≈$9.76 USD). Most tourists that buy this SIM card tend to do it right after arriving at the Taoyuan airport. The only thing you have to take into account is the schedule of the Taiwan Mobile store inside the airport (8 am - Midnight) Global leader in cybersecurity solutions and services, Kaspersky offers premium protection against all cyber threats for your home and business. Learn more iQsim's Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage over the cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices, which facilitate sharing SIM cards across multiple devices and allowing user to use the most appropriate SIM card. iQsim also has various applications such as data roaming for travelers, mobile. This happened because Chinese phone providers cancel unused SIM cards after a certain amount of time (different for each carrier). You'll want to be careful not to buy your Chinese SIM card too far in advance. Once you buy a prepaid China SIM card, it may only last 30 days upon activation


Non Virtual USA Phone Numbers. Bypass Google Voice, Ebay, EarnHoney, Gmail, Amazon and more with our disposable mobile numbers. GET STARTED. News. A new payment method is already here! Click here to learn how to purchase with Perfect Money and start verifying your services right away The following list of Public Local Mobile Network (PLMN) operators are those that Twilio Programmable Wireless SIMs are known to be capable of connecting to: the list includes all of the networks to which Programmable Wireless SIMs have connected within 15 days of June 4, 2021. It also lists the class of radio technology (2G, 3G, and/or LTE. SIM only deals are the perfect way for you to invest in a new SIM plan, without having to deal with the faff of a new handset, the expensive fees and of course, the inflexibility. Of course, a. Your SIM can also be used in over 205 countries across 340 networks. Make a call as if you were back home, saving you up to 85% on roaming charges. Free incoming calls. The one-size-fits-all Prepaid Canada SIM Card is suitable for use in any unlocked cell phone or wifi device. Simply add prepaid credit anytime online

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  1. The iQsim's Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage in the Cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices. Main benefits are to share SIM cards across multiple devices and to always use the most appropriate SIM card
  2. g in Canada. Why buying a sim card in Canada Although most hotels, bars, malls and restaurants have free WiFi I still recommend you to buy a sim card in Canada
  3. SKY trip V8 Bluetooth Smartwatch Compatible with All 4G Phone with Camera and Sim Card Support Compatible with All Android and iOS Smartphones -Black. ₹1,299. ₹1,299. ₹2,489. ₹2,489 Save ₹1,190 (48%) Get it Sunday, July 11 - Monday, July 12
  4. iQsim is the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled mobile devices. The iQsim s Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage in the Cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices. Main benefits are to share SIM cards across multiple devices and to always use the most appropriate.
  5. Malaysia Virtual Phone Numbers With Malaysia virtual number with free call forwarding service, you can be involved in modern IP-telephony world. We wish to present you a country where you can use VoIP virtual services such as numbers, SIP apps, virtual PBX, toll free numbers etc.This country is called Malaysia.Services we propose for this country should be use in every special field of life.
  6. Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now
  7. Our one-touch portable hotspot device uses virtual SIM technology to give you a seamless internet connection as you travel. Finally, a pocket Wi-Fi product that won't put a hole in your pocket! Usable across 100+ destinations and simple to use. No hassle of changing sim cards. A lengthy 2-year validity period for data. Suitable for the leisure and business traveller

Step 1. Sign up online or via TPG SG App to enjoy our plan with no lock-in contract. icon-founded. Step 2. Visit any of our SIM pick-up locations within 30 days to collect your TPG SIM card. Remember to bring along your original ID document and proof of address. icon-sim. Step 3. Insert your TPG SIM card into your 4G-enabled smartphone and. 2019-10-23 [News] uCloudlink Adopts Virtual SIM into 5G, Firstly in the World Leading Seamless Integration of Global 5G Network 【Oct 19, 2019,Shenzhen, China】uCloudlink, an innovative global mobile data service provider has successfully implemented the world's first SIM-fr How does SIMO work without a SIM Card? SIMO embed a virtual SIM card on your phone. Our cooperation with more than 200 operators ensures SIMO can connect to the Internet in over 130 countries and regions. Turkey, South Korea, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka.

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International shipping from the U.S. from only $4.99. View details. OneSimCard eSIM. $9.95. Virtual second SIM card (eSIM) Make your compatible unlocked phone a dual SIM phone. Works with many Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung and other devices. Coverage in over 160 countries. Includes 1 number: Europe An eSIM is a SIM-card that is embedded inside the Apple Watch Cellular. This integrated SIM chip cannot and need not be removed from a device. 12.What are the benefits of the Apple Watch Cellular with eSIM? Apple Watch Cellular works on 4G and 3G network International eSIM card iPhone (virtual SIM) vs International data SIM cards At the end of 2018, a revolution occurred which many people haven't noticed. In that year, Appel launched the iPhone XR and XS, the first devices which incorporate a new technology: the eSIM An embedded SIM, or eSIM, cannot be removed. It's a programmable SIM card that's physically connected (soldered) to the motherboard. It does everything an external SIM card does, only you can.

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If you need more data, you can buy it at $10 per gigabyte. You can use your T-Mobile-compatible device and order a SIM card to activate it on your account. Mint Mobile also sells a wide range of. I came to Singapore in 2018 with an idea, where I built Sim4Crew, a global SIM card for sailors from scratch, and within one and a half years, we generated about $3 Mn A regular SIM or 2FF measures 15 millimeters by 25 mm. A smaller version of the SIM called the micro-SIM, or 3FF SIM card (Third Form Factor), is 12mm by 15mm. The nano-SIM or 4FF is 8.8 mm by 12.3 mm. The eSIM or embedded SIM is not removable and comes either plugged-in or soldered. Its size 6mm by 5mm, and its thickness is 0,67 mm In Singapore, M1's Data Passport service lets subscribers use their local data bundle overseas at prices starting from S$10 a month. They don't have to buy a local SIM or switch phones. phones with virtual SIM cards. Tan says uCloudlink's services are not just about being cheap

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Free Receive SMS online from Malaysia.without registration disposable virtual temporary phone number Malaysia for verification code,You can use it to register the website or app google voice,apple id,gmail,facebook,telegram,whatsapp,twitter,instagram and more Public Mobile SIM Card + Unlimited Talk & Text, 4.5 GB Data 30 Day Plan. Public Mobile is a discount brand of Telus Mobility and offers some of the best data rates in Canada for prepaid phone service. The SIM card runs on the largest network in Canada, providing tourists and residents cell coverage Canada-Wide eSIM Australia is the No. 1 eSIM service company. As a virtual SIM, eSIM lets you easily switch cellular data plans wherever you are. We offer the most convenient way to stay connected in Australia while being away from home. Start enjoying travel with our affordable eSIM plans

Indosat Ooredoo. Indosat Ooredoo, has become the 2nd operator in Indonesia with 22% share of the market. It's focusing on triple play and mostly owned by Ooredoo, which rebranded it in 2015. It has a good coverage on the main islands of Java, Bali, Kalimatan, Sulawesi and Sumatra: Indosat coverage map at low prices The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lineup of smartphones all support a Dual SIM mode, with one nano-SIM and one eSIM. This allows users to use two numbers at one time, for example, one for work. With the BNESIM virtual SIM card app, you can finally say goodbye to overpriced phone bills and enjoy international calls with your loved ones for the same price as local calls. You can create multiple phone lines, have video chats, and send text messages without worrying about breaking the bank iQsim is the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled mobile devices. The iQsim's Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage in the Cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices. Main benefits are to share SIM cards accross multiple devices and to always use the most appropriate.

SIM Cloning Tool — MOBILedit. With this tool, you will no longer need obsolete and unreliable Faraday bags. You can clone original SIM card of the phone being investigated even without knowing the PIN or create new SIM cards with any ICCID or just format your SIM card to renew for the next use. You are also able to connect multiple SIM card. SIM Card Training. A SIM card is a smart card that stores data for cellular telephone subscribers. Such data includes user identity, location and phone number, network authorization data, personal security keys, contact lists and stored text messages. Security features include authentication and encryption to protect data and prevent eavesdropping A Virtual Phone Number, also called as direct access or inward dialing number is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line.Usually, such numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to other telephone, chosen by the client, VoIP, fixed, or mobile. Virtual numbers can be used to setup a phone system without any technical knowledge Our virtual phone numbers work via the internet, so you won't require supplementary technical phone equipment, such as sim cards, or wires. Furthermore, you are not tied to a specific location, meaning that you can freely move around the world and use your virtual phone number, with additional phone services included Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIM allows users to switch network carrier profiles remotely without having to switch out your SIM card from one place to another. Because of this flexibility of switching carriers, it's easy to imagine that this is a game-changer for travelers wanting to use mobile internet in different countries

Mar 19, 2021 • Knowledge. Information. Answer. eSIMple is a new app from Boingo that provides travelers with a data connection without traditional roaming fees. The service uses a virtual SIM card that acts as a separate carrier while outside of your normal service area A China virtual number is a toll free, national, or local Chinese phone number with business telephone features. Also known as China VoIP numbers or China DID numbers, when you buy a Chinese phone number from AVOXI we include 20+ features like call conferencing, IVR, global call forwarding, and more at no extra cost. There are no minimum contracts or setup fees, and you may transfer your China. HONG KONG, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (UCLOUDLINK or the Company) (NASDAQ: UCL), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, announced recent investment in iQsim, the leading provider of open virtual SIM (VSIM) platform and VSIM-enabled mobile devices based in France, through its Singapore subsidiary uCloudlink (Singapore) Pte.

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How to start with your virtual phone. Add a virtual number to your account. Select your added virtual number and enable your web browser for the Virtual Phone. That's it! Give out your virtual number and all calls and SMS will be forwarded directly to your virtual phone While all the new iPhones released worldwide will support two SIMs, they actually can still only hold one SIM card — the second SIM support comes via eSIM technology, which is a virtual SIM. This is a virtual sim card giving you a secondary line on your device. It simply means it is embedded and a physical sim card is not involved. It is the most recommended telco company in Singapore and Asia at large. It was the only telco company in the top 5 YouGov Singapore's top brands list for 2018 and 2019

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T-Mobile is the best sim card in Croatia in 2021! Prices for sim cards are kind of similar and T-Mobile has by far the best network! For $14 you get unlimited data + $1 calling credit when buying a T-Mobile sim card. A1 offers a similar package and is a good Croatia sim card for tourists as well The primary objective of SIM Management Knowledge is to act as a unifying gateway for management and leadership content from across the SIM Group and other relevant sources. The portal provides easy access to a comprehensive repository of relevant management and leadership knowledge with emphasis on Asian-centric practices and profiles leading management and leadership viewpoints from SIM. Apple first brought eSIM to the Apple Watch Series 3, which led to speculation that eSIM would make an appearance in iPhones. Leading to the official iPhone XS announcement, dual SIM card support. Our UK Virtual Mobile Number packages are exclusive deals not available anywhere else on the internet guaranteed! Our Virtual Mobile number service allows you to have a UK Mobile without the need for a sim card. All calls received on your UK number can be diverted for free to landline and mobile in numbers in over 120 countries Click Here . The.

The micro-SIM is substantially smaller than the original SIM. nano-SIM: The nano-SIM debuted in the iPhone 5 in 2012. The nano-SIM is about 12% smaller than the micro-SIM. eSIM: This SIM card is built into a phone and can be programmed for uses, including as a secondary SIM to let one phone have two phone numbers or phone companies Global WiFi devices such as Skyroam make use of a virtual SIM card. This allows you to connect to local cellular networks in China (don't worryit makes that connection automatically). When signing up with Skyroam, you purchase day passes that give you access to this local network

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Keepgo is a leading developer of global connectivity solutions for IoT, M2M and broadband devices. Utilizing physical SIM cards and virtual SIM card specifications, Keepgo solutions connect hundreds of thousands of devices on 500 cellular networks in 100+ countrie Free Virtual Phone Number Features Every Virtual Phone Number that you activate through TollFreeForwarding.com comes free with Hosted PBX, an advanced business telecommunications system that ensures that, regardless of the size of your business, your phone system has the scalability to handle high-volume call traffic.With Hosted PBX, you can record incoming calls, review call data online, and. 4 of 7 people found this useful. Yes it supports Dual sim, It has only one physical sim slot and other one is virtual sim. You have to check with carrier provider if they support virtual sim. Answered by Veera S from Santa Clara. 12 Apr 2019 HONG KONG, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (UCLOUDLINK or the Company) (NASDAQ: UCL), the world's first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, announced recent investment in iQsim, the leading provider of open virtual SIM (VSIM) platform and VSIM-enabled mobile devices based in France, through its Singapore subsidiary uCloudlink (Singapore.

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We accept credit cards and PayPal. We also have flexible wire transfer payment options that include Purchase Orders (POs) and Pay Upon Receipt of Invoice. 30-day money back guarantee. Month-to-month service without any commitments. Full access to invoices and call detail records through an online control panel. It's quick and easy to get a new. Skyroam's patented virtual SIM technology delivers local data, internationally, allowing you to connect to dozens of different cellular networks without changing your SIM card! Fast and secure Skyroam's data streaming reaches 3G speed, which will allow you to easily perform the vast majority of internet activities Having a Sapphire MiFi device is essentially like having hundreds of SIM cards installed. Using the same technology your cell phone uses, when you power on Sapphire anywhere in the world, it automatically finds the best network operator for you from a bank of SIM cards it accesses via a cloud In my view, blockchain replacing SIM cards is just the beginning. In 2018, the value of blockchain in telecommunication was $46 million; by 2023, it's expected to rise to $1 billion. The above are just a few examples of the ways blockchain can help telecommunications companies stay strong in this uncertain world of digital transformation. Notes on the providers: Mobal: On the voice + data SIM, when your 7GB is up, data is still available at slower speeds. Top-ups can be purchased. 60-, 90-day and long-term packages also possible. If you're traveling from China, you have access to a range of other prepaid packages. Free shipping to many countries, or pick-up at Narita or Haneda Airport, as well as Fukuoka, Kansai, Nagoya and.

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Get a Hong Kong virtual phone number and forward calls to office lines or mobile phones anywhere in the world. Also known as Hong Kong VoIP numbers, your toll free or local Hong Kong virtual number comes with no setup fees or minimum contracts.In addition, every Hong Kong virtual telephone number includes 20+ features like IVR, advanced call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, custom caller ID.

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