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The Sourdough Trail South trail is about 11.0 miles long and has an elevation gain of 1610 ft. The best seasons for riding this trail are Summer, Fall. This was a fairly easy, yet rocky, trail that gradually climbs up the mountain and will eventually let you out near Brainard Lake Recreation Area There's another trailhead further north, from Ward, head up Brainard Lake Rd, there's a large nice new parking area on the right just before you get to the Toll gate. For this stretch of Sourdough, most of the climbing is done heading North from the South end, and mostly downhill going South Sourdough Trail #835, Wapiti Trail #816, Baptiste Trail #815 Difficulty: Easy to Difficult Trail Use: Moderate to Heavy Length: Sourdough Trailhead (TH) to: the Brainard Lake Road - 5.8 miles; to Beaver Creek TH 12.6 miles; to Peaceful Valley - 14.7 miles. Wapiti Trail - Baptiste Trail loop - 2 miles. DISTANCES ARE ONE-WAY The Sourdough Trail is one of the most enjoyable single tracks in Boulder County. It consists of rolling terrain gradually climbing towards Brainard Lake Rd. The trail remains mostly in the trees with occasional views onto the plains. The single track can be continued to Beaver Reservoir

Brainard Lake Recreation Area is among the premier destinations for non-motorized winter recreation along the Front Range. The Brainard Gateway Trailhead is located 2.5 miles west of Colorado Highway 72, at the seasonal closure gate on Brainard Lake Road. From here, the Waldrop Trail, Sourdough Trail, South Saint Vrain Trail and Left Hand Park. The Sourdough Trail - Southern Half is located here on the left, with the entrance road to Brainard Lake splitting the trail in half. Continue along North Sourdough for 1.2mi of fast, technical descending. Enjoy the breezy recovery of your descent because sustained technical climbing soon awaits. After 1.2mi, turn Left onto South Saint Vrain. A small lake surrounded by an open area gives a commanding view of the surrounding mountain peaks. Find the trailhead directly behind the main parking area and get straight into the fun. At an intersection with South Saint Vrain Trail just after crossing a bridge, keep straight on North Sourdough. This is a well-signed intersection Sourdough Trail can be extended at the gates for Brainard Lake Recreation Area. Cross the road and continue on North Sourdough Trail and ride until you have had enough. Eventually, North Sourdough Trail ends at Peaceful Valley The 30K racers will continue across Brainard Lake Road following the Sourdough Trail loop and returning back to Brainard Lake Road and then on to the South Sourdough Trailhead (finish line). Note: if you are running the 30K, the cutoff to Brainard Lake Rd is 12 PM. If you reach there after 12 PM please turn around with the 18K runners

However, this will add 5 miles round-trip to the hike. Parking at the Gateway Trailhead does not have a fee as you are starting outside of the park. Between November 15 and April 30, dogs are only allowed on the Brainard Lake and Lefthand Park Reservoir Roads, and Sourdough Trail (#835), as per the Forest Service. Show mor The trail climbs up singletrack to the Brainard Lake road, which splits the southern and northern halves of the Sourdough Trail. The southern half of Sourdough is less technical than the northern half, and travels through splendid forest that rarely opens up enough for a vista. This first two miles is a climb up fairly loose rocks and will keep.

Park at the Brainard Gateway Trailhead ; Between November 15 and April 30, dogs are only allowed on the Brainard Lake and Lefthand Park Reservoir Roads, and Sourdough Trail (#835) Check winter trail conditions before your visit; See Restrictions below for additional regulations; Recreational shooting closures exist year round in this area. Trail Information. The Sourdough Trail is the premier singletrack bike trail which runs from Peaceful Valley Campground to Rainbow Lakes Road (FDR 298), passing through Brainard Recreation Area, with a correspondingly high level of use

South Sourdough trail is near the the town of Nederland and is a more lightly traveled area than others. You'll start this ride at the trailhead a mile up County Road 116 off of the Peak or Peak highway. BMA rates this ride as a intermediate-advanced. There's decent elevation gain and tons of rocks and roots South Sourdough Trailhead at Rainbow Lakes Road 4 mi. Road Peak- o-Peak Hwy. Peak-o-Peak Highway Ward Road Brainard Bra ard Left Hand Park Left Hand Park Reservoir Reservoir (South) Trail near Brainard Lake. At the junction is a short trail to Brainard Lake and a marker honoring Chief Little Raven For fewer crowds, other hiking options in the area are Caribou Ranch, Brainard Lake Recreation Area, East Portal Trailhead, Mud Lake, or Sourdough Trail. Other Hiking Options Near Nederland if Hessie Trail to Lost Lake is Too Busy. Boulder County operates Caribou Ranch. It is open for hiking from July until March

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  1. Trailhead Location: Brainard Lake Recreation Area or Sourdough Trailhead (Rainbow Lakes Road 298) Traffic/Trail Condition Expectations: Heavy snow area. Needs heavy foot/snowshoe/ski traffic to get a good base. Best a few days after heavy snow. Snow can get very deep. Has less traffic than the core Brainard Lake trails
  2. Brainard Lake Recreation Area to Blue Lake, Long Lake, Lake Isabelle/Isabelle Glacier, Mitchell Lake, Mt Audubon, Mt Toll, Niwot Ridge, Pauite Peak, Pawnee Lake/Pass/Peak, Sourdough Trail Hessie Trailhead with trails to Devil's Thumb-High Lonesome, Betty and Bob Lakes, King Lake, Jasper Lake, Lost Lake, Woodland Lake, Storm Lakes, Skyscraper.
  3. The pair, both from Boulder, left the Brainard Lake Winter Parking Lot at approximately 3:45 in the afternoon and snowshoed to Brainard Lake. On the way out, in the area of Red Rocks Lake, one of the men decided to walk ahead of the other. The 27-year old Boulder man was in the lead and ended up turning onto the Sourdough Trail inadvertently
  4. Dogs are only allowed on the Sourdough Trail, Brainard Lake Road, and Lefthand Park Reservoir Road. Hiking trails to the west of the Rec Area enter into the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Visitors that hike trails leading west from the Long Lake or Mitchell Lake Trailhead, are responsible for following all Indian Peaks Wilderness Regulations and.
  5. The Brainard Lake recreation area is a launching point into the Indian Peaks Wilderness hiking trails, but also has a network of trails east of the lake that are multi-use. This system runs north to Peaceful Valley and offers year-round recreation. In the summer, the trails are very rocky and chundering, but in the winter they smooth out.
  6. Brainard Lake recreation area is one of Colorado's best natural winter playgrounds. About an hour's drive from Boulder, the namesake lake sits at 10,000 ft. and is just one of many features that make this a great place for a snowy outing. A healthy network of intentional snowshoe trails accommodate all levels of snowshoers and the views of.

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The entire Sourdough Trail runs 12.5 miles, so it is popular to take on either the north or south section from the Red Rock Lake Trailhead, which is the trail's high point. Other access points includes Beaver Reservoir Road Trailhead, 2.5 miles north of the Brainard Lake Road and at Peaceful Valley, 5.8 miles north of the Brainard Lake Road But the Sourdough Trail in Roosevelt National Forest probably sees fewer riders than the well-ridden circuits closer to town, such as Walker and Heil ranches. You can park at Brainard Lake as. Dogs: All trails in the area, except for the Sourdough Trail prohibit dogs from November 15 through April 30 each year. Dogs are allowed on the Brainard lake Road and the Lefthand Park Reservoir road, (along with Sourdough Trail), no leash required. The only exception is for people that have a hunting dog and a hunting license to Brainard Lake is the next left turn. From all points north of Boulder: Make your way to Hwy 36 along the foothills, and turn west onto Lefthand Canyon (at the Greenbriar). About 5.4 miles up the canyon, turn Left toward Ward (at Sourdough Trail south for about 1/2 mile. Turn right onto the Lower Little Raven Trail. After See description Sourdough Trail 835 from CR 116 to Brainard Lake Road 102 under Multi-Use Trails on Latitude 40 Degrees' Boulder County Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map. See description Sourdough Trail #835 under South Map Trails on Sky Terrain's map Southern Rocky Mountain National Park / Indian Peaks Wilderness

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  1. From Sourdough Trailhead, run/hike: Over Niwot Ridge to Brainard Lake, Over Pawnee Pass to Cascade Creek Trail, Over Northeast Gully to upper Arapaho Creek, Over Arapaho Pass to the Fourth of July Mine, and ; Over the east ridge of Arapaho Peak, past the Arapaho Glacier, back to Rainbow Lakes
  2. racing. The race will begin at the south parking lot of the Sourdough Trail near the CU Research Center. Racers will head north to the aid station at the Brainard Lake Rd. There, 11.4 mile racers will check-in at the aid station and turn around and go back the way they came while 30K snowshoe racers wil
  3. The trail up to Brainard Lake (the Sourdough Trail) was lovely, and we had a fun day hiking up the long way. When we got to the lake, there were three moose along the edges of the lake, which were very fun to watch. One of the moose took a swim across the lake, I had no idea they were such good swimmers
  4. The Sourdough Trail is a straightforward out-and-back trail that travels through the beautiful Roosevelt National Forest. From the trailhead, the trail steadily climbs and gains elevation from its starting point of 9200 ft as it traverses across the mountain slopes. This is a perfect cross-country ski trail and is popular for snowshoeing and fat biking
  5. It's yet another spur from the Brainard Lake Area, turning south at Long Lake off the Pawnee Trail. South Sourdough Trail, tucked into the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, is rated novice skill for intermediate difficulty and leads twelve miles south, from the Brainard Lake trailhead that we will have parked at several times in a row for the.

Brainard Lake is nestled in the front range Rockies north of Nederland in Ward. Situated within the Roosevelt National Forest, the area is the trailhead for the Indian Peaks Wilderness and a popular destination for hikers, campers and fishermen. Due to its elevation of 10,300 feet, snow melts late, and its best visited in July and August The ultra-popular Brainard Lake Recreation Area is, more properly, actually two trailheads. However, they are accessed by the same roads and suffer from identical red tape. Brainard Lake itself is a small lake at the junction of two major valleys in the east central Indian Peaks Wilderness. The northern of the two valleys holds Mitchell and. Access the Sourdough, South Saint Vrain, Waldrop, CMC, Snowshoe and LIttle Raven trails from the parking lot. It is approximately 2 miles from the parking lot to Brainard Lake. BRAINARD LAKE ROAD (easy) Stay on the main road for an easy 2-mile snowshoe or ski to Brainard Lake. The snow is not always good enough for skiing but often is hard. Take the South Sourdough Trail north. Sourdough will be one of the riding highlights of this segment, so relish the difficulty. The trail will cross over Brainard Lake Road. If one desires, one can follow the Brainard Lake Road east to CO 72, and join up with the Road Narrative just above the town of Ward

Park Reservoir Road, and the Sourdough, South St. Vrain, Waldrop, Brainard Lake Cutoff, Little Raven, Little Raven Extension, and Snowshoe Trails (p. 19, 48), making several loop trails and connections. We note that the plan includes re-routing part of the South St Vrain Trail to avoid the Wilderness Area boundar Note: Brainard Lake Recreation Area access road will be closed through June 28 in 2018 for badly needed road construction. During that time, the only access to the recreation area will be on foot via hiking trails, like the Sourdough Trail. For more information, please contact the Boulder Ranger District, 303-541-2500 Description:. Brainard Lake Rec Area is one of our favorite Colorado winter trail spots because there are so many loops and hiking options. If you enjoy a relatively rolling hiking experience, then you should definitely tackle the 5.3-mile loop that incorporates the Sourdough, South St. Vrain, and Waldrop Trails All of these trails are about an hour out of town. Brainard Lake is especially good for snowshoers; you can romp with your dog on the main roads (closed to traffic and unplowed in the winter) or head into the woods on several designated snowshoe paths. For a longer day, connect with the Sourdough Trail for more miles of snowshoeing fun

Brainard Lake. A part of Brainard Lake Recreation Area, Brainard Lake offers a snowshoeing paradise with trails for all levels. The interconnection trails allow a pick your adventure day of snowshoeing, with the Indian Peaks Wilderness in the background. Located about an hour from Boulder, it's the perfect spot for a day trip The Colorado Hiker provides information about Colorado hiking trails, wilderness safety, and history. It also contains maps, photographs, and hiking trail descriptions. Brainard Lake Rec Area Loop - The Colorado Hiker | Colorado Hike Perault said the improvements to Brainard's entrance may nudge people toward stopping there and hiking the Sourdough Trail or bounding up to Red Rock Lake and enjoying a greater diversity of.

This trail should accommodate everyone's preferred method of taking in a beautiful winter hike. There's a little snow moving in out there this week, so hopefully we'll have some fresh snow for even more fun. We'll be adding an extra 1.6 miles more than what is in the AllTrails description (see link below), to the lake View of Arapaho Peaks from the Sourdough Trail; Brainard Lake Recreational Area is another option for a morning of outdoor adventure before the breweries. Follow Boulder Canyon Drive 40 miles west of Boulder. Word to the wise, this is a popular destination on the weekends and the parking lot fills up first thing in the morning. As an.

The Waldrop trail breaks off from this road on fairly quickly on the right side. If you follow the road, you'll eventually get to Brainard Lake. If you're up ther on the weekend, stop into the CMC cabin and ask nicely for some hot chocolate. Across the road from the car by the sign is an entrance to the Sourdough trail. Yes, that sourdough trail Meet at the shade pavilion and walk along the Brainard Lake Trail. Large Mammal Education with Jason Duetsch Program held at shade pavilion east of Brainard Lake. Sourdough Trail Dog Walk Meetup Meet up with fellow dog-walkers at the Sourdough Trailhead. Natural and Cultural History of the Arapaho with Garrett Boudinot Meet at the Buchanan Pass. do so in such a way as to continue to accommodate horses on the major trail systems such as the Sourdough Trail, South St. Vrain Trail, and others. Finally, please build in horse trailer parking sufficient to accommodate those equestrians who wish to continue to enjoy the Brainard Lake area 20 North Sourdough Trail 81. Chapter 4 Brainard Lake Recreation Area 84. 21 South Sourdough Trail 86. 22 Niwot Mountain & Niwot Ridge 90. 23 Brainard Lake Road 93. 24 Left Hand Park Reservoir Road 96. 25 Little Raven-Left Hand Park Reservoir Road-CMC South Trail Loop 99. 26 Waldrop Trail 102

• Improving boat access at Brainard Lake. • Reconstructing Arickaree, Mitchell Creek and Niwot Picnic Grounds. • Trails would be improved, reconstructed and new trail connections constructed; three trails (Sourdough, Waldrop and Snowshoe) would be reconstructed or upgraded and designated as The groomed trails at Eldora Ski Resort are also excellent for cross-country skiing as are the trails found in the National Forest that borders the ski area, and those in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Just fourteen miles north of Nederland is the turn off to Brainard Lake, which provides access to both Nordic skiing and snowshoe trails BRAINARD LAKE ROAD (easy) Stay on the main road for an easy 2-mile snowshoe or ski to Brainard Lake The Sourdough Mountain trail is both efficient and pleasant to hike - at least up to about 4000' when the snow started. It gains elevation steadily the entire time and is mostly free of annoying trail obstacles such as rocks and roots

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  1. Boulder Mountainbike Alliance P.O. Box 4954 Boulder, CO 80306-4954 EIN 84-1240757 Attachment to Form 102
  2. the Waldrop trail met with the south st. Vrain to the north, where we decided to continue westbound toward Brainard Lake. at that point i think we were just looking for any destination to post up at as we had covered a good amount of ground.. this trail finally lead toward a large bridge at the end of Brainard lake, which was quite busy when we arrived, with others that had driven up, families.
  3. This singletrack trail ascends to the Brainard Lake road, which splits the southern and northern halves of the Sourdough Trail. The southern half of Sourdough is less rugged than the northern half, and travels through splendid forest that rarely opens up enough for a vista
  4. Brainard Lake Recreation Area + Gateway Trailhead. Rainbow Lakes Campground connector trail design (2011) Sourdough Reroute design and construction (2011) South Saint Vrain reroute design (2009, 2010) Little Raven retrofit and reroute design (2005) Key Topics. Trailhead and System Connectivity
  5. Here is a pic from sourdough trail near brainard..., this is a 'mild' section. Sourdough trail is BRUTAL. Its an out and back trail but I always just do the other half on the road. View attachment 73101 The Giant Trance would be a good choice

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The short Raccoon Trail starts with a dramatic view of the Continental Divide. There is a $7 per car admission fee. Seven miles northwest of Nederland is the Rainbow Lakes Trailhead, and access to the south end of the Sourdough Trail. You can hike or bike out and back to Brainard Lake on the Sourdough The North Sourdough Trailhead is located on Brainard Lake Road about 2.5 miles west of Ward, but parking is usually a bit more scarce there in the summer given the popularity of Brainard Lake Recreation Area. 19) Bobolink Trail/South Boulder Creek Trail > South Boulder/East Boulder > Easy Dogs: No Bathrooms: N Snowshoeing at Brainard Lake - January 3, 2016 Brainard Lake Recreation Area is part of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland. According to its website: Brainard Lake is surrounded by subalpine forest set in a glacially-carved valley. The peaks of the Continental Divide loom to the west. With a wide variety of year-round outdoor recreatio We ran almost the entire length of Sourdough (which is far rougher than I remember), one thing lead to another, and we found ourselves on the ski trails near Brainard Lake. Priddy was interested in Niwot Ridge, so we hiked up there, checked out the Alpine Research Station, and took a break on one of the many tundra hump summits at 11,800'

The Hessie Trailhead is operated by the US Forest Services (USFS) and is a popular access point to USFS lands including: Indian Peaks Wilderness. Devils Thumb. Lost Lake. King Lake. Woodland Lake. Diamond Lake trails. Visit USFS Hessie Trailhead for more information about recreating at these locations When you get to the intersection of the South Saint Vrain Trail and Waldrop Trail, you will have gone almost six miles. The path then drops down and crosses a small creek before the Brainard Cutoff Trail, which goes south (left), and then crosses the meadow to the Mitchell Lake Trailhead north of Brainard Lake The race started at the Sourdough Trailhead near the CU Mountain Research Center. It headed north on the trail to Brainard Lake. There the 11 mile race turned around and came back. The 30K did a 7 mile loop in the Brainard Lake area, before coming back on the Sourdough Trail. This a pretty low key event in its 2nd year Hessie Trailhead, Fourth of July Trailhead, East Portal Trailhead, James Peak Lake Trailhead, Rainbow Lakes Trailhead, Sourdough Trailhead, Brainard Gateway Trailhead. WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS? The lifts run 9am to 4pm Monday thru Sunday

From Steve Schweitzer's & Michael Kruise's A Fly Fishing Guide To Colorado''s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, flyfishthepeaks.com: From Brainard Lake, the creek drops 525 feet to Sourdough Trail 2.1 miles downstream. The creek has a consistent profile of plunge pools, pocket water, and plenty of boulders to create fish-holding structure. Follow. Related Trails: Sourdough Trail at Brainard Lake, Long Lake-Jean Lunning Loop Trail and Lost Lake Camping: Campground June 1 through Sept. 15 with permit. The road to Rainbow Lakes is washboard gravel. A high profile vehicle is recommended although we drove up in a mini van without a problem. We just had to go slow in some places Brainard Lake Recreation Area (XC skiiing, snowshoeing, hiking, sightseeing) - 5 minutes Moroccos (Family Dining) - 5 minutes Jackleggers (Coffee and Snacks, very limited groceries) - 5 minutes Sourdough Trail System (XC skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking) - 3 minute The Switzerland Trail; Peaceful Valley; Brainard Lake - with a few seasonal exceptions. Dogs must be leashed and are only permitted on Sourdough, Brainard Lake Road and Lefthand Park Res Road Nov 15 through April 30 (see official document, affected trails are marked as such on trail marker) After the up keep work in the campground, we returned to the Brainard Lake area to work on the Beaver Creek, Long Lake, and Jean Lunning Trails. The crew split ways at the trail head so half could return to the Long Lake Trail and Jean Lunning Trail with a crosscut saw to clear out fallen trees blocking trail

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2/17/2011 - Trip Report: 2011 Brainard Lake Cabin Weekend Trip 9/26/2010 - 2010 Nederland Bike-n-Beer Day Ride 7/17/2010 - 2010 Sourdough Day Rid Check out the Sourdough Trail for a truly long day in the backcountry. Being so close to Denver and Boulder, Brainard Lake sees many snowshoers and cross country skiers throughout the day, so be sure to get here earlier to avoid the crowds.Some trails are skiers only too, so be sure to check the maps before heading out

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We spent two nights camping at our beautiful spot in Gold Hill, and went on a bike/mountain biking session up at Brainard Lake with some friends. (See here and here for more about Brainard Lake.) I can confirm that the Sourdough trail was not ideal for biking on this occasion, with lots of obstacles and mud throughout the path Brainard Lake Recreation Area offers two trails that highlight the fall foliage: Mount Audubon and the Sourdough Trail. The Audubon trail offers great views of the aspens, while the Sourdough Trail offers a denser forest experience. Once October begins, you will want to check out the Cherry Creek Bike Trail. It is a 40-mile bike path that. I quickly found race director Kevin Lund at the Sourdough MRS trailhead and gave him my release form. A good crowd of about 70 people was already gathered and ready to run either the short course to Brainard Lake Trailhead and back (11.4 miles) or the long one which included a lollipop loop on the north Sourdough for 30k round trip The popular summer and winter Sourdough Trail runs parallel to the Peak to Peak Highway in the high foothills west of Boulder. This trip starts where that trail crosses the road into Beaver Reservoir north of Brainard Lake Rec Area. We head south 2 miles to the Wapiti Loop Trail, round the loop half way, then continue on to Brainard again on. Park at the S St. Vrain trailhead ride up the rode to the first fork (96j on google maps) go left follow rode up about 1 mile you will see beaver bog trailhead on the sourdough trail. follow this about 4ish mile to the S St vrain trail and follow it down. when it dumps out onto a road go straight at the fork (DONT go over the bridge)

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We made a right onto it and then followed it until we came to the intersection with the Sourdough Trail. We made a right onto Sourdough and followed it back to the parking lot. The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is always busy this time of year with cross-country skiers and snowshoers, but we barely encountered anyone on the trail There are 24 trails to choose from, but the best route to Brainard Lake is the North Sourdough/Waldrop Trail. The route begins by traversing a pine forest before opening up to the alpine lake. Along the way, hikers can marvel at the 13,000-foot-high Indian Peaks and panoramic views of the Continental Divide We will then ascend Sourdough A (TR835) and cross Brainard Lake Road at the Red Rock Trailhead. This is the location of the second aid station and your second available restroom facility. From here we continue along Sourdough B (TR835), ride the Wapiti Trail (TR816), then ride Sourdough C (TR835) to Beaver Reservoir Trails in Brainard Lake Recreation Area - 17. Trail Run Project is built by runners like you. Add Your Trails. 8.0 mi 12.8 km #1 Pawnee Pass Trail. 6.9 mi 11.1 km #10 North Sourdough (#835) Difficult. Nederland, CO Difficult. Nederland, CO 4 Show More Trails.

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Trail Sourdough Trail Getting there Take Highway 72 north past Nederland. For south trailhead, turn west at County Road 116 (Rainbow Lake Road). For north trailhead, take Highway 72 north through Ward and follow the sign west to Brainard Lake Recreation Area Brainard Lake sits at 10,000 feet above the town of Ward off the famous Peak To Peak highway. During the summer it's a popular, crowded spot for fishing, hiking and easy access to beautiful mountain views. You can drive your car up to this beautiful lake and gaze up at the Indian Peaks in all their majestic Rocky Mountain grandeur Hankins Gulch Trail 630. It is 8 miles round-trip to Hankins Pass where it connects to the Lake Park Trail 639. Aside from a few short, steep rocky intervals, this is an easy trail. Early summer trail. The high point on the connecting Lake Park Trail 639 from Hankins Pass may have snow later and is more of a high summer trail Time was getting on, so I opted for the quickest possible retreat: two miles of pavement on the Brainard Lake road followed by five on the Sourdough Trail back to the car. I managed to hitch a ride for a mile with a friendly Scottish couple which was a nice break even though it hurt my pride a bit

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Today I snowshoed up to Brainard Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness for the first time in almost a year. Today I took the Sourdough Trail in the Roosevelt National Forest (TR, not FDR), starting from the road to the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station at 9,200 feet. [Read more →] Posted in: Snowshoeing Peaceful Valley/ Brainard Lake and Sourdough Trail are usually good but can use some packing at times as well. Fraser Valley and the Idlewild trails are perfect for Fat Biking. I know Alshead rides up there quite a bit and I plan to this winter Enjoying some spring nordic skiing at Brainard Lake. Cross country ski races used to be held at Brainard Lake. Courses were either the North Trail, the South Trail or around Long Lake. The Colorado Mountain School hosted the Gold Spittoon Races in the area, but all races ended in 1984 as liability insurance costs became too expensive Snowshoe: Sourdough & South St. Vrain Loop. 前日のEcho Lakeがあまりにも物足りなかったので、日曜はBrainard Lakeエリアでスノーシューをしてきました。. 雪のBrainard Lakeは今回で2度目。. 前回 とは少し違うトレイルを歩きました。. Brainard Lake. 左からLittle Pawnee, Mt Toll, Paiute.

Complete this form to schedule a patrol hike. Please review the schedule beforehand and help us maximize trail coverage by picking a unique date/start time/route that does not have someone else already patrolling (for example if another volunteer is starting at 7am on the Mitchell Lake Trail, you could pick a different route or choose a different start time) The tacos were delish! Adeina and Nancy needed to rent snowshoes, which you can do at Happy Trails. Needing to work off lunch, we headed to Brainard Lake for snowshoeing. It was the first time for Adeina so we took it fairly easy. We decided on the Sourdough Trail and did an out and back trail for about a 2-mile snowshoe Brainard Lake Recreation Area. For those needing more of a challenge, the six-mile Sourdough Trail also begins at the Red Rock trailhead. Eldora Mountain Resort Trail: Niwot Ridge Trail, Rainbow Lakes Trail, Jean Lunning Trail, CMC South Trail, Switzerland Trail, Niwot Cut-Off Trail, Little Raven Trail, Sourdough Trail, Brainard Lake Trail, Waldrop North Trail, South Saint Vrain Trail, Blue Lake Trail. 100 Places found nearb If you goTo the trailhead: Access Boulder Canyon (Colo. 119). Drive about 15.6 miles to Nederland. From the round-about, go north on the Peak to Peak Highway (CO 72) for about 8 miles to Ward. Tur