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  1. This trail follows Reedy Creek Rd from Umstead State Park to Blue Ridge Rd and continues on through the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art and Meredith College Campus. Contact . Address. North Carolina Museum of Art Parking Lot/ Trailhead. 2110 Blue Ridge Road. Raleigh, NC 27607
  2. The Reedy Creek Trail links William B. Umstead State Park to Meredith College. Beginning at the edge of Umstead State Park, the trail passes among some of the area's feature attractions, including the North Carolina Museum of Art (enjoy the outdoor sculpture), an unusual stand of dogwood trees right along the trail, Prairie Creek Ecocenter and Schenck Forest
  3. of Reedy Creek. Big Oak Trail ∙ 1.0 mile trail ∙ Rated easy. Begins off of the Umbrella Tree Trail approximately 0.25 miles behind the nature center. Big Oak Trail parallels Plaza Road Extension at the southern limit of the Nature Preserve before connecting back to the Umbrella Tree Trail

Reedy Creek Nature Preserve protects 927 acres of natural, forested habitat within Reedy Creek Park. There are over ten miles of hiking trails in the nature preserve for the outdoor enthusiast, giving visitors the opportunity to explore a variety of terrains, while enjoying scenic views of small lakes, forests, fields, streams, and wildlife Reedy Creek. Length: 27.9 miles (linear) Currently this entire section is a road walk until such time as the Florida Trail Association can reroute it to a more natural setting. Although there is no designated camping along this route, there are motels in several key areas The Reedy Creek Lake Trail begins off Reedy Creek Parkway just before the rangers' residences. However, there is no parking here. Instead, park at the Reedy Creek entrance off Harrison Avenue and make your way down the road to the trailhead. Be sure to stay on the road and trail as you'll be passing private homes The Reedy Creek Trail is a section of the expansive trail system of the Capital Area Greenway. This trail branches in two directions, connecting the NC Museum of Art and the House Creek Greenway to Umstead State Park. The trail is very actively used and well maintained There are three entrances off of Riverside Drive for this section of the James River Park System. The 42nd Street entrance has parking for 30 cars. There is a trail along a river channel and river access over several small islands. The park system's headquarters is located at the nearby Reedy Creek takeout with parking for 15-20 cars. The 22nd Street parking lot has spaces for about 45 cars

42nd St., Reedy Creek Park Headquarters, and 22nd St. The 2.6-mile long main area extends from the iconic Atlantic Coast railroad bridge near the Powhite Bridge to the Manchester Climbing Wall and lies between the river and rail tracks north of Riverside Drive. The park system's headquarters is located within Reedy Creek section Start your hike from the Reedy Creek Parking area. Hike through the woods down to the Reedy Creek. At this point, cross the bridge and hike along the river to the ruins of an old mill and some nice rock formations. Continue up the hill to the River Creek Multi-use trail and then back down the hill to the parking area 2 reviews of Reedy Branch Falls Trailhead This is truly a hidden gem! Reedy branch falls is accessed off Long Creek Hywy (route 76) in South Carolina near Chattooga Ridge Road. The entrance is very easy to overlook because there are no signs telling you of its existence. Look for a pull-off that can hold about 5 cars comfortably near coordinates: 34°48'26.7N 83°16'51.2W The stone entrance. The center's third trail along Reedy Creek Swamp can be done with two cars as a 1.8 mile one-way hike, or as a round trip hike of 3.6 miles. The northern trailhead for this trail is 1.2 miles north on Poinciana Boulevard, directly across from the Horse World stables. A small brown sign indicates the very small trailhead parking lot Company Mill Trail. Location: Reedy Creek Entrance (2100 N Harrison Ave, Cary) Description: Company Mill Trail begins with the one mile spur to Crabtree Creek and the site of Company Mill. After crossing the bridge, the spur connects to the loop. Scenic areas along the trail include the banks of Crabtree and Sycamore Creek

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Follows House Creek along the I-440 beltline between the Crabtree Creek Trail at Crabtree Valley Mall and Reedy Creek Trail at Wade Ave. Lake Johnson East Loop: 2.8: A loop trail around the east side of Lake Johnson. Lake Johnson West Loop: 2.1: A loop trail around the west side of Lake Johnson More. Twin Falls Trail on Reedy Cove Creek is a 2.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sunset, South Carolina that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from April until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail Reedy Creek Trail is a 5 mile popular white gravel path trail located near Raleigh North Carolina. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions. On average it takes 18 minutes to complete this trail. Local Trail Association. Triangle Off-Road Cyclists. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support Reedy Creek Greenway is a developer-built connector that goes from North Harrison Avenue through the Governors Row Subdivision with a 10 foot wide concrete street-side trail to a point near the end of Westongate Way where it dips down behind houses to join up with the Black Creek Greenway

Description. This is a very wide gravel/dirt surface trail that connects Old Reedy Creek Road on the western side of Umstead State Park in Cary to the southeastern entrance at the intersection of Reedy Creek Road and Trenton Road in Raleigh. If starting on the western side, it reaches an observation point for the RDU airport after a little more. The trail loop is accessible from the JRPS from Reedy Creek parking lot by heading though the tunnel under Riverside Drive, then follow the gravel road south and cross over the concrete pipe to follow the loop counter-clockwise or enter the trail at Riverside Dr. to follow the loop clockwise

Reedy Creek Trail is a 4,268 m popular blue singletrack trail located near Deans Marsh. This multi-use trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 0 m blue climb. On average it takes 13 minutes to complete this trail. aMTB 2 Rating: Obstacles exist Mountain Biking Reedy Fork. The first mile is relatively smooth, but is also twisty and tight. The middle section that runs along the creek is really rooty and can take away a lot of speed. There are a couple of side trails off the main trail with good downhills and technical sections The southern trail's current (as of early September 2019) terminus at Reedy Creek Road. Since the Mendota Trail is a work in progress, there a couple of key things to know before planning a visit. The first - and most important - is the information relayed in the preceding paragraph about trail access Richland Creek Greenway is a 3-mile trail that runs primarily through the Schenck Forest. There are a couple of places you can start your Richland Creek Greenway hike: One one end the trail starts at a small parking lot across the street from the RBC Arena , goes under Wade Ave and ends at the Reedy Creek Greenway

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The Reedy Creek Nature Preserve TRACK Trail is along the Dragonfly Pond Trail which follows the edge of Dragonfly Pond. The Dragonfly Pond Trail is a 1 mile loop through a mixed hardwood forest. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve protects 737 acres of natural, forested habitat within Reedy Creek Park. There are over ten miles of hiking trails in the. Reedy Creek Lake Trail: Length: 0.6 miles Blaze: Red Circles. Reedy Creek Lake Trail is a short bike and bridle trail that leads from Reedy Creek Trail back towards the parking area. The trail splits off from Reedy Creek Trail at Reedy Creek Lake and runs past the small lake, ending shortly at a road leading to rangers' homes A little farther south at the Reedy Creek unit, access is much friendlier, with a hiking trail that begins from an adjacent county-run education center. While the center and other related trails are open to the public only on weekends, you can access the Reedy Creek Pine Woods Trail anytime from a small trailhead on Poinciana Blvd Description. This is a very wide gravel/dirt surface trail that connects Old Reedy Creek Road on the western side of Umstead State Park in Cary to the southeastern entrance at the intersection of Reedy Creek Road and Trenton Road in Raleigh. If starting on the western side, it reaches an observation point for the RDU airport after a little more. Knowing the Reedy Creek Lake Trail is a relatively short walk and passes by Reedy Creek Lake we made a sharp left turn onto Reedy Creek Lake Trail. You'll immediately pass by Reedy Creek Lake, which is great for photo ops but swimming is prohibited. Horses are not allowed any further on this trail either. Here is a 360 degree video taken.

Reedy Creek Road Trailhead This Thursday we celebrated the official opening of the new Reedy Creek Trailhead located at 2139 Old Reedy Creek Road. The trailhead is the starting point for Cary's seven-mile Black Creek Greenway and an access point for the East Coast Greenway which runs west on Black Creek Greenway and east through Umstead State. Trailhead, then a smaller trailhead parking lot is located near Lake Crabtree off Old Reedy Creek Road, then then connects into Reedy Creek Trail (MUT). Reedy Creek Trail, managed by City of Raleigh, follows Reedy Creek Road from Umstead State Park to the North Carolina Museum of Art and Meredith College Campus The Museum Park is located on the grounds of the NC Museum of Art at 2110 Blue Ridge Rd just outside the beltline. Part of the trail through the park is shared with the Reedy Creek Trail greenway, which connects Meredith College to Umstead Park and Schenck Forest. The museum was renovated a few years ago and besides biking the greenway past the museum, I hadn't really stopped to visit this park Learn more about the Long Creek Trailhead to this artful 'number six' waterfall known as Reedy Branch Falls from this page on the AllTrails.com website. For another easy, must-visit waterfall in South Carolina: The Yellow Branch Falls Trail In South Carolina Is A 3-Mile Out-And-Back Hike With A Waterfall Finish

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The trail comes alongside Reedy Creek at 5.75 miles, providing great views atop sandy 10- to 20-foot bluffs. At 5.9 miles, the trail reaches a breathtaking view of a horseshoe bend on Reedy Creek - a true beauty spot and one of my favorites along the hike. These types of open bluff-top views are quite uncommon across Central Florida Thanks for watching this video :-)If you have ridden any professional made trails in the SEQ corner, chances are they were made by Trailscapes. We rarely get.. Follow the path up the creek where you cross over and end up at the base of Reedy Branch Falls where there is a spacious area to view the falls. Since you end up at the base of the falls with this hike, Reedy Branch Falls is a little more kid friendly than some other places. There aren't any exposed cliffs to worry about and the pool at the. Park finder. Pack a picnic, grab your friends and family and go and explore our very own natural playground Hike for Your Health happening at Reedy Creek Park and Nature Center, 2900 Rocky River Rd, Charlotte, NC 28215, Charlotte, United States on Tue Aug 24 2021 at 05:00 pm to 06:00 p

Distances: 1.1 miles from Reedy Creek Rd entrance to Reedy Creek Lake. 1.7 miles from Reedy Creek Rd entrance to Reedy Creek Pkwy. 2.4 miles from Reedy Creek Rd entrance to Harrison Ave entrance. Thumbs up: wide, shady trails, helpful maps, scenic views, good combination of steep hills and flat roads, access to other trails, signs and maps Being good trail partners with mountain bikers is important but can be unnerving for new runners. Without the worry of watching for bikers, Reedy Creek is a good option for new-to-the-trail runners to focus on form. While some trails do get a bit more technical, everything is achievable for every level of runner Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead - Cary. Map and GPS Coordinates: (35.838779, -78.782282). Parking in the lot. The start is at the far end of the concrete bridge over Lake Crabtree, 3/4 of a mile from the parking. You will need to follow the greenway over the dam to the start. The bathrooms were locked when first visited Reedy Creek Lake Trail is a great doubletrack for getting from the bridle path to the Harrison Avenue parking lot. First added by Matthew Bonner on Jul 28, 2019. Last updated Apr 17, 2020 William B. Umstead State Park. Hikers, trail runners, bicyclists and equestrians cherish the extensive network of hiking and multi-use trails at William B. Umstead State Park. Trailheads on both sides of the park—accessible from Interstate 40 and US 70—surround three manmade lakes. The largest is Big Lake, offering canoe and rowboat rentals

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Reedy Creek Nature Preserve protects 927 acres of natural, forested habitat within Reedy Creek Park. Over ten miles of hiking trails in the nature preserve allows visitors to explore various terrains while enjoying scenic views of small lakes, forests, fields, streams, and wildlife 334 feet. Send to ViewRanger App Save on Premium + Maps. Enjoy a short hike to 200-year-old ruins along Reedy Creek. This area of the park is fairly isolated, so prepare for solitude. BY MATT CLAPP. Trip Stats. Distance: 4.3 miles. Time: 1.5 hours. Distance from Uptown Charlotte: 20 minutes Reedy Creek Park. Our neighbors are more of a friend than neighbors. We both - myself and my daughters consider ourselves lucky to have gained friendship in this new city and we are forever grateful for all the things that our friendly neighbors does for us. So far we have explored two trails with our neighbors and Reedy Creek Park was yet.

Scientists are currently performing the third year of post-construction monitoring at the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project. Based on their findings and observations, trees, plants, and shrubs along the stream are growing right on track. If you haven't already, we encourage you to hike the Sierra Loop trail to check out the stream corridors tha Natural. This is a fine show for an easy 15-minute walk along the .025 mile trail which leads to a viewing deck with seating. Though it goes by more names than an escaped convict, once you see Twin Falls in person, you won't mistake it with any other waterfall. The left and larger of the falls pitches from a height of 75-feet over a massive.

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Water is available at Reedy Creek Landing and the Pump House parking lot. Do not stop at the first shelter you encounter in the Forest Hill Park parking lot! It's shelter #2, not #1, on the left at the far end of the lot!! This is a hike of approximately four miles over woodland trails, paved surfaces and stairways Reedy Creek Park is located on 116 acres and offers picnic shelters and grills, two playgrounds, 18-hole disc golf course, a fishing pier, off-leash dog park, and athletic fields and courts. Admission is free to both the park and the nature preserve. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve is located on 727 of natural, forested acres At 7.1 miles in length, the Black Creek Greenway is one of the Town of Cary's longest greenway trails. Beginning at the Old Reedy Creek Rd. trailhead overlooking Lake Crabtree (which has bathrooms and more than 80 parking spaces available), the trail moves south, passing through North Cary Park and ultimately reaching Fred G. Bond Metro Park (where it connects to the White Oak Creek Greenway. Reedy Creek Campground I is located on the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, (Polk County) on the Arbuckle tract, approximately 44 miles SE of Lakeland, FL. It features 4 tent camping only sites, and 4 RV or tent sites. Hiking trails cross a variety of terrains from forest wetlands to ancient, dry scrub communities 7.8 miles from search location. Running. Walking. Hiking. William B. Umstead State Park. Pott's Branch Trail. 1.30 mi. Crabtree Creek Picnic Area Trailhead. 9.4 miles from search location

Length: 1.00 mi. Type: Loop. About This Trail. [Total: 0 Average: 0/5] The Dragonfly Pond Trail is a 1 mile loop at Reedy Creek Nature Preserve that starts from the parking lot of the Nature Center. It is a moderate crushed gravel/natural trail hike with some elevation changes. This trail is also great for any pace Reedy Creek Trail is the longest section of bike and bridle trails within Umstead State Park.. It is a point to point path extending from Trenton Road to the park exit just south of the Airport Lookout.. The trail, being the major spur that links most other hiking and bridle trails within the park, sees substantial foot traffic as well as cyclists and the occasional horse June 1, 2015 June 28, 2015. Capital Area Greenway - Reedy Creek Trail /Umstead Multiuse Trail. This is a nice combination of a Capital Area Greenway trail and a couple of Multiuse Trails (MUT) in Umstead State Park. The parking lot beside the NC Museum of Art (2100 Blue Ridge Rd) provides a convenient starting point The start is near Harrison Ave Park gate on the Reedy Creek Parkway (about 150 feet in from the Road Closed barricade). Go 0.48 miles on pavement to slight right onto the gravel Reedy Creek Lake Multi-Use Trail (MUT). Continue past Reedy Creek Lake and up the short hill to the trail intersection at 1.13 miles Reedy Branch Falls Is a Hidden Treasure in Oconee County. A former staffer with The Miami Herald, Marie moved to SC in 1992. She is passionate about the outdoors, and enjoys exploring the state's many natural treasures from the Lowcountry to the Upstate. The trail to Reedy Branch Falls lies beyond a stone wall and columns off US 76. Travelers.

At 0.4 miles into the hike, come to a fork in the trail and bear left. You may begin to hear Reedy Cove Creek on your left a short distance after the fork. At 0.6 miles into the hike, a side trail heads down to the left towards the creek, but you will stay to the right. At 0.75 miles into the hike, come to another fork Opening 2 additional miles on the Bristol end from Reedy Creek Road to Benhams on November 13, 2020 which results in a total of 5.2 miles from Bristol Trail Benefits Upon completion, this trail will improve the quality of life in our community and be a potential driver of local economic development The Reedy Branch flows over part of a 100-foot wide rock ledge before emptying into the Chattooga River. There is an open area at the base of the falls that can be used for picnicking. At the trailhead the stone columns and iron gate makes you think its private property

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Reedy Creek Improvement District (the District) is a progressive form of government, created in 1967 by a special Act of the Florida Legislature, the purpose of which is to support and administer certain aspects of the economic development and tourism within District boundaries. With an administration office located on Hotel Plaza. Maps. There is a great map of the Reedy Creek Nature Center, Park, and Preserve available from the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation website here.. Our mapped hike from the Reedy Creek Nature Center to the Robinson Rockhouse ruins using the Alltrails app The Reedy Creek Greenway was completed in several phases, with the final project completed in 2006. When using the greenway, whether on foot or by bike, you can continue through Umstead State Park via the Reedy Creek Trail and cross over Interstate 40 to access either Lake Crabtree County park or the Black Creek Greenway , which is tied into. Reedy Creek Access Company Mill Trail. 5.8 Mile Loop | Orange Square. One of the longer trails at Umstead, Company Mill will take you along the banks of Sycamore Creek and Crabtree Creek. You'll also see remnants of the old Company Mill that was part of a larger homestead started in the early 1800s See 18 photos and 3 tips from 308 visitors to Reedy Creek Trail. Great trail. Love catching it from Museum Park

When Reedy Creek was created, Crabtree Creek became the park for whites. Park brochures would make the segrated distinction until 1965. In 1955, Crabtree Creek State Park was re-dedicated and renamed for conservation advocate Governor William B. Umstead, and in 1966 the two separate parks were united into one park, William B. Umstead State Park Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville: Hours, Address, Falls Park on the Reedy Reviews: 5/5. It is on the Swamp Rabbit Trail so it is one of the trail. There are several views of the falls and places to walk or relax. Oak Creek, WI. We are thinking of stopping on our way to lake Murray, is there a large parking lot-well be towing a boat?.

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Property Description. JOIN THE BEST BOUTIQUE RETAIL LINEUP IN KINGSPORT! We have Starbuck's in the outparcel, Panera Bread in the endcap behind them, along with New Horizons Plastic Surgery, Merle Norman, Shoozies, Gameday Depot, Reedy Creek Bicycles, Lux Nails, Annie's Room, Studio 6, SportClips, Finer Things for Her, Fleet Feet Sports, Scottrade, and several others Four words—creek, pasture, lake, rock—describe the scenic highlights of the 3.51-mile, multi-use Reedy Fork Trail. And if you begin at the Lake Brandt Road trailhead, you will encounter those highlights in that precise order along a mostly flat path that includes a few modest bluff and ridges. Walking in this easterly direction, you will als Reedy Creek, Sullivan County. By: Randell Jones. Description. In March 1775, Daniel Boone departed the Long Island of the Holston, in today's Kingsport, TN, along with 30 axe men to begin marking a trail for others to follow into the Kentucky lands across the Cumberland Gap. He departed on this expedition under the employment of Judge Richard.

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Reedy Creek Park, with 146 acres, has numerous picnic shelters that can be reserved, ballfields, playgrounds, A 10-acre lake, a dog park, a disc golf course and extensive wide gravel trails through forest. MORE. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve, with more than 1,000 acres, offers 10 miles of hiking trails including one to the ruins of the 18th. Extended the Rocky Creek section of the trail south (downstream) towards the Reedy River; Widened and cleared the trail corridor of the Rocky Creek trail section; Significantly improved the switchback at the Twinleaf entrance; Pictures from the event: The Rocky Creek trail is now much clearer (you can see the Dingo machine we rented here) Richland Creek Trail from the Reedy Creek Rd. Trail Head Summary. So, with the exception of a couple of questionable direction markers on the trail, the Richland Creek Trail takes you on a pleasant trek from the RBC Center to Reedy Creek Road (and back if that's your plan). There are few technical trail challenges and only two or three hills to.

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Thompson noticed that a small section of the park's popular Reedy Creek multi-use trail is actually on RDU property, where it makes a 45-degree turn, and that the airport's fence would cross. William B. Umstead is a place to escape the pressures of everyday life, a place to picnic in the pines, to wait for a fish to bite, to take a hike or horseback ride on trails through the woods. Divided into two sections, Crabtree Creek and Reedy Creek, this 5,439-acre park is easily accessible from Interstate 40 and US 70

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June 26, 2015 June 28, 2015. Umstead Multiuse Trail - Reedy Creek loop. I started this ride by parking on Reedy Creek Road, just before the intersection with Edwards Mill Road. It is a dirt parking lot and not specifically related to the Capital Area Greenway trail, but it has several large trees that provide valuable shade on a hot summer day Reedy Creek Nature Preserve is beautiful. The Nature Center was dated and unloved, but what it lacked the preserve more than made up for. Tons of life everywhere. We stumbled onto loads of lizards, tiny frogs, and insects. This preserve has a few trails (check in at the Nature center for a map) and will keep you occupied for quite awhile

Elderberry Location: Reedy Creek, June 1, 2015 Elderberry is a shrub that has opposite, compound, pinnately veined leaves with no teeth. The leaves are elliptical-shaped and pointed at the ends. The bark is brown, smooth and warty, and later becomes rough. The flowers are white and are produced in clusters Reedy Creek Nature Preserve. Details: While Reedy Creek's nature center is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, the rest of the 927-acre preserve is open to the public.Walk along the 10 miles of pine tree-shaded trails and spot birds and botanicals while you stroll. The trails: The nature preserve is home to many trails.For a longer walk, choose the 3.1-mile loop trail or 1.8-mile out-and. Reedy Creek Gravel Grind, Kingsport, Tennessee. 181 likes. GRAVEL ADVENTURE EXPLORE RID The location, topography, and nearby roads & trails around Reedy Creek (Stream) can be seen in the map layers above. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Reedy Creek are 36.8826467 (North), -78.3022192 (West) and the approximate elevation is 276 feet (84 meters) above sea level

American Tobacco Trail Black Creek Greenway Cary Greenway Raleigh Reedy Creek Trail Umstead State Park White Oak Creek Greenway. Greenway. 90 Second Escape: The Triangle's Growing Greenway System. April 16, 2012 JoeMiller Leave a comment. Monday — never an easy time for the outdoors enthusiast. After a weekend of adventure, returning to the. Located on YMCA Camp Greenville property, but accessed through Jones Gap State Park, it is a very strenuous hike to this waterfall.There is 1,200 ft of elevation change, but the results are more than worth the effort. Plunging over a high granite cliff, this 140-foot ribbon-like waterfall will make you feel closer to the size of an ant

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Reedy Creek Elementary School. 5100 Eagles Trl, Kissimmee, FL 34758. (407) 935-3580. Claim this business. (407) 935-3580. Directions Reedy Creek Trail Reedy Creek is the smoothest of the trails at Umstead. It's a bridle trail that you can run 3-4 abreast, if you wish. If you start at the Reedy Creek Road entrance, you can run just over 5 miles straight out to the Lake Crabtree entrance. There's a water fountain about 5 kilometers in that comes in handy, and plenty of rolling. At the June 28th Public Workshop #7, the Airport's land use plan was unveiled. This plan slates several forested areas for commercial development (numbers 2, 3, and 4 in the photo above). This development would result in the destruction of irreplaceable, centrally-located forested recreation areas and in the destruction of an important green buffer space between the airport facilities and. James River Park by the numbers: New master plan calls for more trails, Reedy Creek Welcome Center, renovated Pump House & no new parking lots Colleen Curran Feb 20, 2020.