Photoshop bounding box won't go away

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Photoshop: Not seeing the expected bounding box for text

Bounding Box Dilemma Jun 4, 2009 i have had an ongoing problem with dragging images over from photoshop to illustrator. Photoshop Elements:: The Linked Files are embedded into the document. There are indirect ways, though, both of which you can make into a one-click Action. Show 13 replies Solved: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Highlight tool changes from . CODES (3 days ago) Turn on suggestions. While doing this, ive noticed there are two forms of the highlight tool.Both come from the same tool button the highlight tool.One form is a circular cursor that does freehand highlighting.The other is a vertical bar like a capitol letter I that only highlights text

Photoshop: Transform 'handles' won't go away, no matter

  1. December 13, 2016 The ability to edit in layers is probably my favorite part about Adobe Photoshop. At this point, things start to become a bit more experimental and a matter of personal taste. And there we have it! This means I'll be keeping the right side and cropping the left side away:. Move, stack, and lock layers Search
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  3. It's not a good way to rasterize them. You may as well use sprite imposters; those will actually look good at certain resolutions. And how precisely do you convert a cube into a rect so that you don't make cracks in your model
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